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The Medievia Mudslinger Online Paper is a collection of articles, ever replenished by an active and growing staff and you, the players. The paper is available both on the webpages and in the game itself - simply purchase a copy at a scribe in any major city and settle back for an interesting read.

The Mudslinger staff work to bring out regular and semi-regular articles of varying formats, along with the occasional special edition for various celebratory events. Prominent amongst these, currently, are:-

Interviews - Do you think your clan is interesting enough to be featured in our clan spotlight interviews? Do you enjoy reading about the people who create the game in which you play? Azathron arranges the team who produce these, so contact him if you want your clan featured on our pages!

Player-written articles - You too can contribute directly to the pages of the Mudslinger. We suggest you read the guidelines in HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT when in the game, the editorial sections of the actual ingame paper, or read 'how to submit an article'. The frontline editor of the Mudslinger is Azathron (, so please contact him with ideas. We seek the best and the brightest of works for publication.

Everything published in the MUDSlinger is the property of Vryce and Medievia.

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