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Halloween Season a Great Success
by Allyio

The spooktacular Halloween season started off with the 13 days of Halloween, which started oddly enough 13 days before Halloween. A randomly popping holosection was planted in the wilderness for Medievians to find. Each day the holo opened another door, to which you had to enter in order to receive that days token place holder and a coin worth 400,000 coins. On the 13th day, on Halloween, the winners of the great adventure were awarded the coveted prize! A magical broom which stays in your inventory and allows you to use it any time you like. Rumor has it that the treasured broom is the best mount within the realm of Medievia, only topped by the speed of your own two feet when equipped with ruby dragonhide boots. In addition to receiving the broom and treasures for the quest, holo hunters were awarded a medal in the shape of a black candle.

On Halloween day, there were several other holosections to find. The mistress of Halloween sat in her hidden room and tricked and treated many Medievians as they found all of her hidden figurines. Two medals in the shape of candy corn and a squished pumpkin were awarded to holo hunters, in addition to a t-shirt which read “I survived the Haunted House”, and an elegantly crafted phial of blood.

The Great Pumpkin also lurked in the wilderness, confusing and frustrating many Halloween holo hunters, as its survey message was the same as the Halloween Crypt which housed the Mistress of Halloween. For finding the Great Pumpkin, merrymakers were awarded the seal of All Hallows’ Eve, a 10 hit point, 10 mana, 5 charge regen heal item which ‘tricked’ or ‘treated’ the player with the grace of its proc when used.A fun item for all holiday questors to be sure!

The holiday token quest begin slowly as most medievians were busy searching for holosections and completing aqs. Tokens in the shape of tiny pumpkins were placed in the corpses of mobs for medievians to find and loot. It ended the day after Halloween, with third prize going to Antons, second to myself, and the first place prize was awarded to Naia.

As usual, the regular holiday autoquest was open for medievians levels 10-30, and was a great delight to many autoquest lovers new and old. A medal in the shape of an imp costume was awarded to the questors upon completion of the autoquest.

Last but surely not least, the great Goddesses Casse, Celylia, and their dedicated autoquest staff blessed the Heroes of Medievia with the long awaited HAQ! It was a special day all over the land as Heroes rushed out to try the very first Hero only autoquest. The quest had a time limit of 13 hours, and was an exiting adventure for all. A medal in the shape of a platinum scroll case was awarded to autoquestors upon completion of the aq, along with a level 35 potion.

Stay tuned for more about HAQ during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Congratulations to Casse, Celylia and the rest of the great autoquest staff of Medievia for the great success of the first ever Hero Autoquest. We are proud of you!


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