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Do you Dare Enter?
by Tiexie

Today marks a grand occasion in the world of Medievia. As we celebrate the ten year anniversary since Medievia IV opened, lets not forget to take the time to thank the man behind the madness. As great and wise as the man behind the curtain himself, Vryce is our own wizard of Oz and yes often times even the wizard of Id.

Vryce has been the source of many things in the last ten years, including the subject of our ire and vast amusement.

He has often surprised us with his sense of humor as well as made us all want to spit nails in anger for not understanding his "bigger picture." On occasion we have all even wondered if the great wizard had lost his mind, and a few less fortunate souls even dared to ask.

When it's all said and done and we take the time to reminisce on the last ten years, we realize that Vryce did indeed see the bigger picture all along. While we were all plodding along our content and predictable roads, the wizard was weaving his magic in the background, forever changing the fabric of the word in which we play.

Who but Vryce himself can predict of future of Medievia. Do we really want to know where the MUD we love so much is headed or do we all prefer just to watch the wonder unfold before us? One thing is certain, Medievia has changed vastly in the last ten years, and will continue to change as the master at the wheel molds and fashions it to fit his vision of the ultimate game. Vryce has continued to challenge and amaze us with the unlimited possibilities of the world of Medievia. Only one question remains. Do you dare enter?


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