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Sea Dragons Are Here!
by Tiexie

Occasionally Vryce turns on the in-game development channel and allows the players to ask questions about new and upcoming events and creations. Of course, he always manages to give us all just enough information to keep us wanting and waiting for more. Last night's discussion about the mysterious sea dragons was no different than usual in that aspect. The questions flew left and right, and as usual Vryce did his best to stay on topic as the players threw questions and speculation at him quicker than he could respond.

The discussion ranged from questions about whether or not a person could see a sea dragon on survey to how sea dragons would affect trading. Vryce responded to each question in his usual unfathomable manner, as if he knew the questions we would ask before we asked them. He explained that there would indeed be ship trade post catastrophes and touched briefly on these by tossing out words like volcanoes, mob faction attacks and catacombs mobs attacking. Someone offhandedly asked if the catacombs creatures would carry eggs, which Vryce pointedly ignored with style. Vryce made a point of denoting team work with this upcoming adventure and said "It is all part of the plan, what ships are, you become a crew, good bad and ugly, but on the ocean you all rely on each other."

The topics jumped from one to the other as someone asked about the DM's part in all of this and Vryce explained that the dungeon master would occasionally call forth a sea dragon to fight serpents that are attacking our ships. Raigher inquired as to whether or not a player would be able to refresh a sea dragon, to which Vryce responded that sea dragons have one thousand movements and will let the players know how tired it is. Whatever that means! Zercange brought up lair dragons and asked if they would ever be able to fight the sea dragons. The response was a bit cryptic in accustomed style as Vryce explained "when the master dragon comes, and when it does not come, and other situations in dragon faction wars that will come, sea dragons will be at war with our taxi dragons on occasion but not often." The discussion came to an end and Vryce invited everyone aboard the High Seas for a sea dragon ride. More on this later!


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