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Serpent Hunting
by Tiexie

On the 16th Day of the Month of Autumn Twilight, fifty adventurous souls boarded the man o' war Serpent Killer and set out into hazardous waters. Several fires slowed the crew down as the ship made its way across the deep blue, seeking the elusive fae magic. The mood aboard ship however was jovial and the Captain and First Mate quickly regained control.

A pack of Sea Rams and a few repairs to the ship later, the crew ran into the big tamale. Spirits were high as the colossal ruby triple dragon headed serpent came into view, and the shouts of the exited crew were drowned out as Donacus shouted orders to man the guns and stand ready. A long and bloody battle insued, with the mighty man' o war Serpent Killer emerging the victor, gaining over three hundred thousand fae for the confrontation.

Noelio attained the killing blow on the mighty beast, and as the cheers and shouts rang out the serpent split, causing a moment of panic among the crew.

Donacus once again pulled it all together, and amidst a flurry of ship wide panic over scattered fires and minimal damage to the ship, the remaining segments of the serpent were destroyed. The coup de grace came when Vryce (who had been lurking about all evening - even lending a hand here and there!) shouted out good natured,"'That's a lot of work and danger for 3,125 fae!"


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