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A Day in the Life of the Roving Journalist
by Tiexie

The day started out just as any other, as I made small talk with the other heroes and legends. I pestered Calrog for a few moments about running Scrapple as usual, (Dulith was AFK or I would have bothered him too) and settled for the fishing quest he ran a few moments later. I subsequently turned in forty-one fish and won the quest, which was no huge surprise since I seem to frequently get lucky at fishing quests.

After awhile I began to bore of sitting in my clan hall, and I began the search for adventure. I called a dragon and flew to several trade cities to obtain the values for their goods, and settled on a moderately short trade run worth about two and a half million gold from Riverton to Lyryanoth.

Saying a silent prayer of thanks to Vryce that I still had one day left on my ruby dragon-hide boots,I set out on my trade. All went well for a few miles until a band of centaurs attacked me while I was killing off a few straggling wolves that kept following me. A firestorm slowed me down, but eventually I was able to elude the centaurs long enough for the storm to pass, which allowed me to then defend myself against the creatures. I made it past the city of Medievia will little trouble and was nearing the Hidden city of E'nat'dae when once again the weather decided to make an annoying turn for the worst.

Deciding the cloud of wasps flying overhead wasn't enough of a reason to postpone my trade run, I pushed on, defeating another pack of wolves and making quick work of a lions' den.

I checked each corpse thoroughly, hoping one of the carcasses would have the blue dragon lair map everyone was looking for. No such luck however, as I managed to loot silver, gold, white and the even the fearsome un-killable ruby. Tossing the last of the corpses onto the ground and sacrificing them, I noticed a tornado heading straight for my path. I hitched my freight and decided to head for the safety of medlink until the storm had passed.

As luck would have it, at that moment Khaoric called for dragon slayers to come on a lair. He was hesitant to give the color when I inquired and with good reason. As it turned out the map lead to the lair of Fyrtek, the gold dragon. I shuddered at the thought of the powerful creature who paralyzed its victims, rendering them virtually helpless to defend themselves.

With trepidation, I decided to go on the lair if for no other reason than I knew Khaoric probably possessed the blue map I actually wanted. I had a better chance of getting onto the second lair if I attended the first, less than pleasant one. All in all, the dreaded 'para' lair went off without a hitch and we managed to make short work of the mighty beast. I thanked Khaoric and Saevio for the invitation and entered the portal to go finish my trade and was not surprised to hear Khaoric call for the dragon slayers again as I exited the portal. This time it was the blue map of course, and I quickly linked him and got myself on the lair.

The second lair did not go as smoothly as the first, and we all died to the powerful arcs of lightning the enraged beast flung at us. Khaoric and Saevio are expert lair leaders however, and quickly hustled everyone off to resurrect and reassemble the formations. Once back inside the dragons lair, we made short work of getting the creature out of its hole.

Mothmaglau fled to seek its wrath upon the Mysteries of the Forgotten clan town, and we followed it there. The battle that ensued was bloody and arduous and Khaoric made offhand comments about his karma being bad, since the first more unpleasant dragon had gone down so much easier. In the end, it was I who attained the killing blow on the angry dragon, as I incinerated it with a fireball.

Once again, thanking the leaders for the invitation and their excellent leadership skills, I hopped a portal back to my freight. Once again, as I exited the portal, Khaoric called for more dragon slayers. I did a quick check of the dragon list, and knew the map he held was another dreaded 'para'. Deciding I was on a roll and nothing could be worse than that last beast we had slain, I linked him again and got myself on yet another lair. The silver dragon Sakgau, as it turned out fled its lair with minimal effort, and we all groaned knowing it would be hell at the clan town.

That was not, as it turned out, far from the truth. While the para-proccing beast did not seem to be doing much damage, it also didn't stay in one place very long. We spent quiet a bit of time chasing the pesky creature through the streets. The two forms of dragon slayers finally prevailed however and a young female warrior by the name of Andisa acquired the killing blow. Go Andisa!

With four more dragon hides I would never use stored away, I once again hopped into a portal to finish the trade I had begun hours earlier. Fighting my way through two lions dens, a pack of wolves, and a few scattered wild pigs, I recouped my freight and headed for Lyryanoth.

I encountered a strange young man upon the road, who informed me he was in the middle of a quest and asked for my help. With a heavy sigh, I once again hitched my freight and began to walk down the road with the young mage as he explained his quest to me. This would be much more adventurous than a trade run he assured me, as he began to explain the dangerous wilderness creatures he had to find and destroy. That, however, is an adventure for another day..


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