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Catacombs 101
by Allyio

All zones have rules that must be followed in order to run them properly. The catacombs are no different than any other zone in that aspect. This help file will attempt to help you understand how the combs work, thus helping you to become a better comber. And hopefully die less!

Finding catacombs
Catacomb location can be inquired from the Wizard in the War Room, which is located in Castle Medievia. From Medievia recall go all up, 7n, 3w, 2n, 2e, u, 2e, 2s, 2w, u, 3s, search, 2w, n. When you use where command, Wizard will tell you which zone catacombs is located in, and what is the name of the room where they can be found. After this you can either fly or use clan town portals to get to the zone, and look around for down exit with description “Waterfall". Once you go down, you are in catacombs!

Basic rules

Dreamweavers, commonly referred to as "girl" on your clan channel will port you randomly to any level of the combs when you rest at her. Make sure you are unformed, if solo combing, the girl only works if everyone in formation is resting.)

Thought slugs, commonly just referred to as "slugs" , are located on every level of the catacombs, and exist for no other reason than to catch you in the room without repaerdnim roots. They “rip" the thoughts from your mind and kill you. Simply put the more you move in this room, the more hit points you lose. However, simply typing directions in this room is safe. Eating repaerdnim roots negates the effects of slugs, so you can fight in such rooms without risk.

Cave Rays are often times as bothersome as they are helpful. The creatures toss you down a level in the catacombs.

Whirlwinds, again sometimes helpful, other times a pain in the rear, as they do the opposite of a cave ray and toss you upwards a level.

Mephits are nasty little buggers who backstab, and just want to kill you. While whirlwinds, cave rays and thought slugs do not load with eggs, mephits do. They are thief mobs however and few combers bother with them as they backstab and trip.

Mist Mephits
Mist Mephits are thief mobs that do not load eggs. This particular mob randomly pops into a room when someone phases you in the catacombs. A good way to keep these from popping in on you while you are happily casting tremor or acid blast is to always have setphase 6 off in the combs. People WILL try to phase you for one reason or another, without your consent or knowledge.

Flame Mephits
Flame Mephits are another form of mephit that randomly pops on the phaser when they try to phase someone who has setphase 6 off. These nasty buggers have fire shield and hurt, so it is never a good idea to try to phase anyone in the combs without their consent or knowledge.

Coral rooms
A Tunnel with Strange Formations, often referred to simply as a "coral room". A rather nasty room you do not want to get caught in without being “rooted", ie eating a repaerdnim root. These rooms can be identified by the red text of shooting “rays" that accompany each movement you make. Much like the thought slugs, the more you move, the more hit points you lose. Though if you are out of roots, you CAN pass through these rooms by removing your light source first.

Ore rooms
A Tunnel Lined with Bright Veins of Ore, are a mages best friend. Simply called an "ore room" by players, these rooms regen mana super fast for a current class mage. Often times, it is easier to lure and trap/shield pesky mobs into ore rooms so that they are easier to kill and less of a mana drain, as you regen mana in an ore room even while fighting.

Repaerdnim roots load on wise hermits and are stealable items. If you are a thief, simply "steal room hermit" to retrieve these precious combing treasures. Wise hermits are higher level cleric casting mobs that have sanc and they hammer, so it is a good idea to steer clear of fighting these if you are a lower level or do not have the means to sanc/heal. They are however not aggro and will not attack you, unless attacked first. Repaerdnim roots, simply referred to as "roots" are an eatable items that allows the person to pass through cave coral and thought slug rooms unharmed.

Wind, a catacombs proc that can sometimes be as helpful as it is harmful to a comber. It is much like earhtquakes for rest of Medievia.You will see yellow text as this “wind" begins to pick up and kick things around in the combs. Wind throws mobs and players alike against the walls. It is helpful because it damages any mobs nearby, making them easier to kill. On the same note, it is harmful to players. Being flung into a wall will result in smashed eggs, which are no good for turning in. Any time you see wind in the combs, it is a good idea to SIT, and wait until it stops before continuing. You do not take damage, not your eggs will smash if you are currently sitting. If you are fighting a mob when wind occurs, it might be a good idea to flee and find a safe spot to wait it over.

Water Reaper
Water Reapers are another catacombs proc that sweep any players within its path through random rooms in the combs. There is no protection for this proc, you cannot move or input any commands. You must wait until the water stops flowing and drops you. Water Reapers release you once they travel into the lake or their time runs out (which can be quite a while).

Stalactites are chunks of falling rock that fall from the ceiling of the catacombs, often killing the player when they are hit. This proc serves no purpose other than to be a hindrance to the comber. Another version of this is the rocks you “trip" over while walking from room to room. Note that you receive a medal if you are killed by stalactite in the catacombs!

Cave paintings are mobs that pop in rooms with the description "a room filled with cave paintings". Generally these mobs only pop when the comber walks through the room or is fighting in the room. Another mob created only for hindrance. They do not load eggs and they give 0xp, so are worthless. Just avoid battling them.

The Metamorph
The Metamorph, simply referred to by players as "meta" is a non soloable mob that pops only on the bottom level of the catacombs and loads a coin. This “meta" coin is used for heroes to reclass.

The Shop is a room on the bottom level of catacombs where players can make dragonhide equipment and unegg equipment (refer to dragonlairs for more info on this)

Cave weeds, Lichens, sprites , eels, and whirlwinds are all charmable mobs in the catacombs. Whirlwinds do not load eggs but make handy tanks for a mage! Cave weeds, lichens and sprites are all low level charmies, while eels are lvl 29ish.

Also note that while lichens, weeds, sprites, whirlwinds and eels follow you through the combs, weeds do not move from the room you charm them in. You can charm these mobs either to loot their eggs, make them tank for you, or both. Once you have charmed a mob, you can use order followers drop all to make them drop their precious eggs.

Spells and Skills
Essential skills for lower levels of the catacombs are sneak, invis and shield room. The first few levels however a single mage with invis or a single thief with sneak would do just fine. There are also invis wands available on the game for those who cannot cast invisibility.

Some parts of catacombs are underwater, some are lakes, so breathe water and levitation spells are useful (or you can use wands and potions as substitutes).

Another useful spell is "map catacombs", it allows you to see how many times have you or someone else visited particular room before. This can help to find areas of catacombs which are “fresh" and where eggs have not been looted yet.

There are plenty of mobs which have eggs in catacombs, ranging from very weak to very hard. Easy kills for lower levels: lichens, weeds, bears, mud men. Explore which mobs are doable by your current class and level and in future avoid mobs you cannot defeat – usually it is more efficient to run around picking up easy kills, rather than fighting hard mobs, especially in “fresh" combs.

Once you get killed in catacombs, you are transported outside, and need to find an altar to resurrect. If you want to get back to catacombs, you have to walk to the catacomb entrance room in zone all over.

Leaving catacombs
When you have gathered enough eggs and want to leave, there are several options. First is to use “gate" spell. This spell can be used in room with one or more walls, and will turn one of the walls into exit right to the War Room! Second option is to use item named Lunilith. These items produce “gate" spell when used. Third option is to die and your corpse will get teleported out of combs automatically.

Filling eggs
The eggs you gathered in catacombs are taking up a lot of space in your equipment, however there is a way to store them – “filling". You can “fill" eggs in the War Room and they will be transferred to your “egg account". You can then use them for egging equipment, gaining practice points and transferring or selling them to other people.

Not only catacombs provide you with eggs you need for your equipment and MLRs, they offer excellent xp too! Centipedes are great xp, as the split into multiple segments when killed.

Now that you have some essential knowledge to combing, explore, enjoy and never be discouraged by dying. He who never tries, never learns.


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