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Where have all the Heroes gone?
by Allyio

I began my adventure into the world of Medievia on March 12, 1997. I was at once memorized by the rapidly scrolling text with all the vibrant colors and the hundreds of people who were all playing the same ‘game’. People from all over the world, all walks of life and backgrounds. Some even spoke completely different languages, and Medievia was a learning tool for them to learn English as a second language.

Days blurred together as I began to spend more and more time online when I was not in class, learning new things and hanging out with all my new friends on Medievia. I soon discovered that the “bad” guys weren’t always bad and the “good” guys weren’t always so nice. The land of Medievia was a world to immerse you in a different reality. An action on the ‘game’ often resulted in a real life reaction. We cried, we laughed, we got angry, we got scared.

The triumphant rush of pride that filled us the first time we completed a trade run alone, or filled that one egg we looted all by ourselves. The adrenaline high and shaking hands we felt as we entered into CPK the first time. The banding together each time one of our comrades fell in CPK and we offered them equipment and assistance. The friendships we made and the memories we cherished. The friends we have lost, the friends we have forgotten, the friends we will never forgot. The first time Vryce himself actually spoke to us directly. The teasing and light hearted laughter that once filled the immortal channel of the gods and heroes.

Medievia is a world unlike no other. Its creator started with a small dream and fashioned an intricate realm of fantasy and reality. A place where every person could feel welcome, and there was something for everyone. He gave us wars, and catastrophes, quests and player killing, autoquests and games, the ability to trek across the wilderness and see where we were going, dragon flight and portals, the ability to multiclass and make children. He made us Dragon Hunters and Master Heroes, Legends and Serpent Hunters. He gave us a dungeon master, ships to sail the sea and a plethora of sea creatures to seek and destroy.

Despite all that Vryce has given us, we have become petulant, thankless creatures. He has created a civilization like no other and in return simply asked that we appreciate and enjoy. The kindness and lightheartedness have been replaced by mean spiritedness and cruelty among us. We no longer share this world with one another; we fight over it like spoiled children. We offer no thanks for what we have and beg for more and more. The title of Hero has been disgraced and dishonored in such a way that the creator of the game we love so much has become disheartened and unsure of Medievia’s next phase of life.

Let us all put our pettiness aside and thank our father the creator of Medievia for the many adventures we have shared, the adventures we have yet to share, and the discoveries on the horizon. Let us all stand together and put the honor and glory back into the title of hero. Let us all stand as one and thank the man behind the proverbial madness for his vision of the ultimate world.


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