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Conspiracy Theory Backfires on Reporter
by Tiexie

Have you ever wanted to do something just to see if you could get away with it? I suspect that most people have, although it is safe to say other people seem to have much better luck than I when actually executing the plan. Needless to say, this reporter had one heck of an adventure trying! Upon logging onto Medievia, I caught wind of a giant sea slug ravaging the hills near the Village of Gnomenel and discovered that all formations were well into the belly of the beast. I suddenly got the bright idea that I would sneak into the creature and steal the coveted prize under their noses. While it is true I had no use for the glob of sea slug secretion or the dragon crystal that awaited the victor at the center of the slug, I simply wanted to see if I could grab it.

Making my way to the nearby village, I tracked the beast and climbed upon its back, making my way to the head and down into the creatures insides. I spent a few moments playing catch up with the formations inside, fearing they had nearly gotten to the end of the road. When I finally caught up with the adventurers, it occurred to me that no one took any notice of me. This was going to be easier than I had originally thought. All I had to do was stay behind the formations and follow them through the beast, until at last I had my chance to run ahead and snag the prize. Sounded easy enough.

As it were, my plan worked perfectly as I followed along waiting for my chance. Finally, we came to the last few rooms of the beast's insides, and I begin to feel giddy excitement.I used my helm to cast farsight into the last two rooms before the coveted prize and realized they were empty of slugs. Stifling the tiny burst of guilt and apprehension I suddenly felt, I raced ahead of the three formations and made it to the next-to-last room.All hell broke loose, of course, as simultaneously a quake struck and three baby sea slugs walked into the room. Amongst the cheerful jeering of "way to go Tiexie" and "You should report this!", I realized I was stuck. I couldn't fight the baby slugs because the ground was quaking beneath my feet, and I could not move out of the room even if I could fight them because they blocked my passage and I would not be able to solo fight them and survive. A wave of hope washed over me as the creatures took damage in the earthquake and I laughed a sigh of relief. I *could* kill them and make a run for it. This was still possible. I simply had to be quicker than the formations behind me.

As the quake subsided, a horde of baby sea slugs hatched before my eyes, and within three rounds of combat I was lying dead on the ground. I had not foreseen that particular occurrence, and sat back from my keyboard laughing at myself as several heroes shouted good-natured jeers in my direction. As the necromancer came for my soul, I watched the formations enter the room and make quick work of the sea slugs.

Suddenly, I heard simultaneous blood-curdling death cries from the room to my left as my body transformed into a corpse. Someone, or perhaps several someone's, had attempted what I had just failed at. The formations fell apart as people begin to die left and right, and the slug got the better of the adventurers in the end. As I resurrected, I noticed that Katok had somehow managed to walk away unscathed with the coveted prize, and I watched him auction the ring of twisted slug hide. Kwebris subsequently bought the object for 3.5 million gold after making an offhand comment on immortal about Katok being a tightwad.

Although the treasure had been stolen from the mighty sea slug, the creature still lived and was continuing it's rampage throughout the lands of Medievia. The adventurers gathered together once again and crawled inside the belly of the beast to defeat it. In the end, Yorenec took control of the creature and it died somewhere near the Crime Underground.

What did this reporter learn from this experience you might wonder? I learned two things. That twinge of guilt that plagued my subconscious is still there. Had I achieved my sneaky underhanded goal and gotten the prize, I would have probably given it away. I have realized over the years of playing Medievia that my real life morals and values have somehow snaked their way into my game play and govern even how my characters behave. The second thing I learned is that there is no I in teamwork. While I managed to get an entertaining story from this little mis-adventure, I discovered that I rather like the more self-righteous uptight version of myself and will leave the more shall we say dishonest adventuring to the more conniving and crafty players.


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