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The Slaying of the Dragon Anialakmyr
by Tiexie

The mood of the collective group seemed rather tense and business-like as Dorian and Saevio lead the dragon slayers through the fast paced routine of clearing the massive cavern of the beasts that blocked the tunnels to the dragon's lair.

Prince Belthor frequently commented on how much he "hated lairs" and left this reporter wondering at the oddity of such a repetitive statement, when quite suddenly as the dragon slayers approached the dragons lair and readied the attack, Belthor commented that he "had to go" out of the blue and disappeared.

Saevio took a moment to for some light-hearted fun as he sang a few snazzy song lyrics before handing out staves and other miscellaneous healing paraphernalia.

The dragon slayers prepared to attack Anialakmyr, the mighty copper dragon, and awaited the 'go' from Dorian and Saevio.The battle to push the massive beast from its hole was bloody, and casualties ensued, but the brave and vastly experienced leaders once again took control of the situation. Resurrecting their dead, they chased the dragon to the Vanguard of Midnight Angels clan town where it had chosen to seek wrath upon the innocent denizens. The battle was long and bloody as the dragon slayers pushed on, resurrecting their dead time and again as the mighty Anialakmyr slew them with arcs of powerful lightning.

A young, previously unknown, mage by the name of Sphera managed to bring the mighty beast to its knees with one final shockwave. Saevio shouted in triumph and once again he and Dorian resurrected the dead, a bloody reminder that even in victory there is always death.


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