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A Family Dynasty Continues
by Allyio

It has been an exciting month for the IO bloodline. The leader of the vivacious family known all over the lands of Medievia simply as IO’s has returned home. As Supirio returns from his rigorous other-worldly adventures, so do other IO’s as they begin to trickle in and return to the fold.

Illexio’s granddaughter Allysio recently heroed and gave birth to two new IO prodigy. She named her sons Rokio and Allexio, both seem to be doing well and have been welcomed into the family with open arms.

The Supirio bloodline has many new plans in the works for the future of its continuing legacy. The latest feather in the family crest is the new home which the entire family has begun construction on. The family’s new stronghold is being constructed inside the City of Medievia, and with the help of the entire family fortune has all the earmarks of being one of the grandest in the entire world of Medievia.


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