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Downfall of the Redemption
by Allyio

After being nagged by my father, Illexio , for a half an hour, I hopped aboard The Angel of Redemption being captained by Angeliqa. The witty banter and good natured shouting ensued as we begin to battle large serpents and snag meat. There was much joshing over Illexio’s apparent problem with always firing too early or, often, too late.

Several times, Angeliqa had to shout for the assistance of Ruby Kah as Termites and Firesticks boarded the ship. Amidst the clicking and wooping of the Ruby Kah we managed to expire several smaller serpents before we encountered the big tamale of serpents. A colossal violet triple sword-headed serpent surfaced near the ship and we began to feel the exhilaration of the chase as we hunted the beast down. The battle was long and arduous, but we finally managed to kill the mighty serpent. Artos attained the killing blow on the colossal beast and we all received medals for our heroic deed.

The serpent suddenly split into segments and everyone aboard the Redemption scrambled to re-man their guns. After several battles and killing off one of the serpent segments, the beast managed to do quite a bit of damage to the ship. A fire also started below decks and the shipmates rushed to put it out.

Killing off another of the segments, the crew began shouting its conceit, as another segment struck the ship and did massive damage to its guns. Angeliqa ordered repairs quickly, and once again the crew rushed to follow orders. Confusion ensued as Angeliqa tried without much success to simultaneously battle the remaining serpent segments and control the spreading fire. The volley of shots came sparsely as the crew tried to contain the fire.

Suddenly the entire world went black as the cold, dark water suddenly pulled me under. My last vision was that of a diminishing circle of light as the waves pulled me below. The Man O'War Angel of Redemption sunk beneath the cold, murky waters of Medievia at 20:33 on the Day of Honor, September 17, 2006. All members of the crew were lost as was the fae collected aboard.


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