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7. Others:
  Don't be an idiot.

  Also read ANNOUNCEMENT 348 and ANNOUNCEMENT 444.

  Clarification: If you do anything that allows you to get around the rules
  or the code of the game to gain an unfair or illegal advantage - be it
  exploiting a bug, forcing people to ll in cpk with spam inventories, or
  telling newbies exactly what to type to get them into cpk when they don't
  understand the rules - you are subject to a freeze for violating 7a. If you
  have to ask if something borderline is illegal, then it probably is and you
  shouldn't do it. If it lets you do something you couldn't do otherwise, it's
  illegal and you shouldn't do it. Since we cannot anticipate every issue that
  will arise in a game of this size, with this many players, this rule will
  be used to cover anything that is not specifically listed elsewhere. It is
  used at the express discretion of the higher level gods, and punishments,
  if deemed necessary, will be decided upon by a 144+.
  No multiplaying. This includes Adversary characters. Type Help MULTIPLAY
  for more information on this subject.
  Do not use charmed mobiles to kill players in lawful zones.
  Report bugs to available gods. See HELP BUG Not reporting a bug can
  be construed as cheating. Using a bug to your advantage, reported or
  not, is highly illegal.
  Do not resurrect or loot a player who has been slain by a god. You will
  see something like "The ashes of Joe ... slain by the God Fred" in the room.
  Do not drop link deliberately to gain an unfair or illegal advantage.
  Losing link to be resurrected is ok as long as others are nearby to
  resurrect you within the immediate future (ie: a couple minutes).
  Do not exploit rules and commands for benefit beyond that which was
  Unless equipment is obviously abandoned, don't pick up things that are
  left by other players on the ground. If an item is temporarily dropped,
  do not get it. If others are in a room where items are on the ground, ASK
  if anyone wants them before you just grab up something. This does not
  apply when getting equipment from the donation room.
  Do not let other people have access to your character. Sharing characters
  is illegal. See Help "CHARACTER SHARING" for more information.
  Do not give away a character above a total level of 25.
  If you have a GOHOME in a CLANHALL of a clan you're not enrolled in,
  your gohome will be removed. This should happen automatically, but if it
  does not, it is your responsibility to report it and get a new gohome.
  Do not ask for or accept any inappropriate aid from an immortal (god).
  This includes anything that may constitute favoritism. Report god abuse
  to a level 140 or higher god. If a level 140 god is the problem, report
  the matter to Vryce.
  Logging on someone's character without their permission is grounds for
  removal from the game. This is true at any level. This includes bloodline
  characters that you have given away.
  Using mail to store equipment is not allowed.
  Selling Characters for real money, game money, game eq, or other offerings
  is illegal (basically it's just "you can't sell/give away characters"). You
  may NO LONGER buy donation items for others in exchange for equipment,
  eggs, or anything but gold. You must follow Help "DONATION DEALS"
  Summoning someone against their will is illegal. The existence of
  setsummon does not change this, and "he should have used setsummon if
  he didn't want to be summoned"-is NOT an acceptable defense. It is not
  illegal for someone to phase to you. Use setphase if you wish to avoid
  Respect ALL gods, regardless of level. A level 33 god's say IS law.
  You may rebuttal to a 140 or higher god, but do NOT lose your temper
  or respect for any god that is dealing with you. God ranking is:
  132(33), 136(34), 140(35), 142(35), 144(35), and 148 (Vryce, Ozymandias,
  and Soleil).
      Also, keep in mind that we are often busy dealing with game issues.
  When/if you pray or telepath for assistance, give us a few minutes
  time to respond. While we try to at least respond with "I'm busy,
  give me 5 minutes",-we don't _always_ instantly respond. Be patient.
  Let a few minutes time pass before praying a second time.
  Anyone who creates a character and allows someone whose site has
  been banned to use this character, in order to bypass the ban, will
  be dealt with harshly.
  Do not steal money from your clan.
  Any deal made with another player exchanging donation items for gold or
  donation tokens for gold is illegal unless it is done via the DONATION
  command. If you partake in any deal like this you will be purged. If you
  simply propose a deal to a player for any real money you will be purged.
  The only thing we allow is to trade donation tokens for Medievia gold
  via the DONATION command; any other trade of any kind will get all
  involved purged.

  TO CLARIFY: Action in these cases is the purging of offending players
  who deliberately do not follow through on cash deals. We DO NOT give
  reimbursements. You must be level 20 to participate.

  See Also: 7x

  Exchanging in-game considerations or properties (including but not limited
  to gold, equipment, services, and characters) for real-life money,
  real-life services, or anything else 'real' outside the game is illegal.
  Only the clanleader or a god may remove the coleader of a clan. Other
  clan members with removal privileges will be frozen or worse if they
  remove the coleader. If both the coleader and the leader are inactive for
  more than 30 days, contact a clan god to arrange for a coleader to be
  appointed. If the leader is inactive, a new leader can be appointed. See
  Eq/egg/money deals can be witnessed by a god if they are *instant*. This
  means we do not witness loans of any kind nor will we witness deals
  where the player pays for an item in the future. If you and whoever you
  wish to trade with are in the same room ready to make your deal right
  then you may ask a god to come witness the procedure. If you are trading
  money be sure to be in the bank, eggs be sure to be at the wizard. Be
  sure to tell the god before you make the transfer what items are to be
  traded and at what amounts. This is NOT for donation deals; this is for
  straight exchanges of Medievia property for Medievia property.
  Once a dragonlair dragon has been attacked, intefering with the slaying
  of that dragon is illegal. This includes - but is not limited to -
  PKing the people trying to kill the dragon, handsing the forms of
  the people trying to kill the dragon, soloing the dragon in an attempt
  to make it flee, and shouting "phase me" when you aren't anywhere near the
  dragon. Other acts may fall under this at the discretion of the gods.
  You also cannot pk people in the LPK room right before the dragon, even
  if they have blood and even if the dragon hasn't been attacked.
  Note that people who try to use this rule to do things like solo in,
  run past, and attack the dragon so the forms trying to attack the dragon
  can't will not like the end result. This rule carries a 3 to 90 day
  freeze or a possible PURGE This rule will be interpreted in a way so no
  one ruins the fun for others without serious repercussions.
  Just like in key issues, if you are not actively running a zone you
  should not be idle in it. (Most cities are okay - Med City, Trellor,
  Riverton, etc., but you shouldn't get into the habit of doing it
  at all.) If you know you are going to be afk for more than five or so
  minutes you should exit the zone or link if you use an anti-idle trigger.
  If you are afk, while living or dead, inside a zone and prevent repop
  or full reset, you will be zonebanned.
  Intentionally losing (throwing) any game-sponsored contest (including
  quests, town games, herobattles, Adversary, and anything similar) is
  illegal. The punishment will be whatever Ozymandias decides fits the
  crime. It may be loss of hero, it may be a long freeze, and in extreme
  cases, it may be removal.