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Please read this whole help topic carefully.

Yes, donations are accepted here at Medievia! Not only are they accepted,
they are encouraged. Medievia costs money to run and keep up. It takes and
eats up a lot of Vryce's money. Donations are the only way he has to
supplement his contributions and ensure that Medievia stays alive not to
mention having any budget to market the game.

When you donate money to help support the game, the money is turned into
donation tokens for your player in the game. One US dollar equals one
donation token. You may at any time turn these tokens into very useful and
special 'donation items.' You may also at any time trade donation tokens
with a player for their Medievia gold. Note that it is illegal to send
dollars to Medievia for another player's donation tokens--that is a
purgable offense. You may only donate money for your *own* tokens. The
tokens will be sent to your character, and you may then sell them for
Medievia gold to another player.

The DONATION command will show you how many 'donation tokens' you have.
The DONATION command allows you to turn in donation tokens for items.
The DONATION command allows you to trade donation tokens to another player
for Medievia gold.

The DONATIONLOG command shows the log of your donation transactions.

If you donate dollars to Medievia and have the tokens sent to a character
you do not own you will be purged. If you in any way even suggest a donation
deal with another player other than using the DONATION command to trade
tokens for gold, you will be purged. We do not allow any such deal, and this
donation token scheme stops all donation scams and makes them a thing of the

Any donation item except DC's will make the donation text go away if you
have the item on you (equipped or in inventory). If a Decree is your only
donation item, the text will come back after you use the Decree, since the
item will have disappeared.

Donation items and donation tokens WILL BE FORFEITED if your character is
purged. The key here is to read Help RULES We reserve the right to purge
any player's characters if they break our rules, even if that player may
have donated.

50 donation token items ($50):
          - Magical Talisman             - Mystical Talisman
          - Spirit of Medievia           - Aura
          - Decree

25 donation token items ($25)
          - Blessing                     - Dragon Crystal
          - Charm                        - Focus
          - Chime                        - Shrine
          - Container

20 donation token items ($20)
          - Certificate of Redemption

To see what each of these items does and to get the keyword necessary for
donating, read Help "DONATION ITEMS" Pay close attention to what the
Certificate of Redemption does. It is more restricted than any other object
in the sense that it is an item that you apply to another donation item you
have already had for a year.

You may get any item in any order. You only have 2 neck wearable locations
so if you do have 2 mystical and 2 magical talismans, you can only wear 2
at any one time. Many people like switching between MANA and HITPOINT
talismans as the need arises and as they multi-class and have different

These items, except for Dragon Crystals, cannot be dropped, given, put
in a locker or container, donated, mailed, or otherwise leave your
character. Once you receive it, it is on that character forever. The only
way to get rid of it is to sell it in a shop. If you sell a donation item
in a shop, it's gone forever. Don't try it.

To donate to Medievia visit and
follow the directions on that page.  Please note that we are now
offering discounted deals on tokens.  The more money you spend on tokens
at one time, the bigger discount you get:

  - 5% discount for 50 tokens
  - 10% discount for 100 tokens
  - 15% discount for 200 tokens
  - 20% discount for 500 tokens
  - 25% discount for 1000 tokens

Please note that donations are processed a few times a day by Soleil.
Tokens purchased will usually be sent to players within 8 hours, 24 at
the latest. If it takes longer please email It is
said that Vryce keeps well-meant and complimentary letters and once a
week gives out a DC to the best one.

PLAYERS WITH LIMITED BUDGETS: We understand that some people simply cannot
afford to pay cash for donation items. In order to keep the game balanced
we have a couple alternatives. They both involve some work on the part of
the player, but so does earning money, so we feel like they are fair. Read
Help MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT and Help "DONATION DEALS" for more information. Also
be sure to read Help RULES part 7t, about donation deals. Keep in mind
MUDSlinger articles are judged by the effort and quality in an article and
do not guarantee a donation item.