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                           Medievia Spell List

Note: You need not type the quotation marks (")-when accessing a help file
      or casting the actual spell.

           MAGE                                 CLERIC

Level  1 - "MAGIC MISSILE"                      ARMOR
                                                "CAUSE LIGHT"

Level  2 - "DETECT MAGIC"                       "CREATE WATER"
           "DETECT INVISIBILITY"                "FAERIE FIRE"

Level  3 - "CHILL TOUCH"                        "CREATE FOOD"
           "SLEEP SPELL"                        "DETECT MAGIC"
           "MINOR CREATION"                     REFRESH

Level  4 - "FAERIE FIRE"                        "CURE BLIND"
           INVISIBILITY                         "DETECT EVIL"
                                                "DETECT GOOD"

Level  5 - "BURNING HANDS"                      BLESS
           REFRESH                              "DETECT INVISIBILITY"
                                                "SENSE DEATH"

Level  6 - "LOCATE OBJECT"                      BLINDNESS
           FEAR                                 "PROTECTION FROM EVIL"
           INFRAVISION                          "PROTECTION FROM GOOD"

Level  7 - STRENGTH                             TREMOR
           WEAKEN                               "SENSE LIFE"

Level  8 - BLINDNESS                            SUMMON
           TELEPORT                             POISON

Level  9 - "BOLT OF LIGHTNING"                  "CURE CRITIC"
           "CONJURE ELEMENTAL"                  "REMOVE POISON"
                                                "CAUSE CRITICAL"

Level 10 - "BREATHE WATER"                      "LOCATE OBJECT"
           IDENTIFY                             "DISPEL EVIL"
           "FAERIE FOG"                         IDENTIFY

Level 11 - "COLOUR SPRAY"                       "WORD OF RECALL"
           "DISPEL MAGIC"                       SANDSTORM
           "SHIELD ROOM"

Level 12 - "ENCHANT WEAPON"                     "CALL LIGHTNING"
           CURSE                                "REMOVE CURSE"
           "SENSE DEATH"                        LEVITATE
           ETHEREAL                             "BREATHE WATER"

Level 13 - "ENERGY DRAIN"                       FLAMESTRIKE
           SHIELD                               SANCTUARY
           "CHAIN LIGHTNING"

Level 14 - "CHARM PERSON"                       HEAL
           "MASS LEVITATION"                    "FAERIE FOG"
           "SENSE PRESENCE"

Level 15 - FIREBALL                             "MASS LEVITATION"
           "MASS INVISIBILITY"                  "HANDS OF WIND"

Level 16 - FIRESHIELD                           "DISPEL MAGIC"
           "FROST SHARDS"                       TRANSPORT
           "SENSE FIRE"                         "SENSE FIRE"

Level 17 - FARSIGHT                             PHASE
           "MAP CATACOMBS"                       "MASS REFRESH"
           "SENSE MOVEMENT"

Level 18 - "STONE SKIN"                         HARM
           "MASS REFRESH"                       "SENSE PRESENCE"

Level 19 - MANASHIELD                           GATE
           "SENSE AFAR"                         QUICKNESS
                                                "SENSE AFAR"

Level 20 - "ACID BLAST"                         ALCHEMY
           "WIZARD EYE"                         FIRESTORM

Level 21 - PLAGUE                               "MASS QUICKNESS"
           "SENSE UNDEROCEAN"                   "SENSE UNDEROCEAN"

Level 22 - "MERMAIDS BLESSING"                 FIRESHIELD
                                                "FIRE PROTECTION"
                                                "ICE PROTECTION"
                                                "LIGHTNING PROTECTION"

Level 23 - ALCHEMY                              DEMONFIRE
           SCRY                                 "FORGE OF CONVICTION"
                                                "SENSE MOVEMENT"

Level 24 - SENSE WEATHER                        ATTUNE
           "WAY OF THE TURTLE"                  CONSIDER SPELL_CONSIDER

Level 25 - CHANNEL                              "HAMMER OF FAITH"
           SHOCKWAVE                            "SHARED LIFE"

Level 26 - GATE                                 BLOODBATH
           "WINGS OF THE GULL"

Level 27 - "PHANTASMAL IMAGE"                   RESURRECT

Level 28 -                                      "MAP CATACOMBS"
                                                "PHANTASMAL IMAGE"


Level 30 - "FALSE FOOTING"                      SUFFOCATE

Level 31 -                                      BENEDICTION