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The ask command serves two purposes.
1) It can be used to ask mobs or players questions in the room. Mobs are
   often asked questions for AUTOQUESTS
2) It is a full global communication channel to ask questions about how
   to play the game.

The channel:

The ASK channel is a global help channel where players can ask questions
related to playing the game.

We will only allow questions about playing the game, including help with
Autoquests, zone exploration, and the like. This will be one of the most
strictly monitored channels, so please make sure you know these simple rules
or you may be gagged:

- NO questions about anything except how to play the game.
- NO answering questions except honorable, friendly, and correct answers.
- NO sarcasm or jokes at all.
- NO chat or spam at all, even if it's related to a question about the game.

This is a place where players can feel free to ask questions and get real
answers with no berating, jokes, or issues from the people who like to
hear themselves talk.

This is a place where we will often schedule training in the future, ship
training runs, trading, etc.

ASK <message>           to use the channel
ASK <mob/playername>    to ask a player or a mob a question
ASKLOG                  to see a log of recent ask channel usage