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Please report any bugs you encounter. Urgent bugs can be reported via PRAY
Available gods are more apt to respond when they understand the problem, so
make sure you include details. For example, praying "Famar is broken" doesn't
convey much, but praying "Famar left town and started wandering around
Bloodstone"-is much more informative.

If the problem isn't an emergency, or if nobody who can handle it is
available, it's usually best to contact the appropriate department manager
via email:

  Autoquests          -
  Holiday Festivities -
  Quests              -
  Writing             - (or use the TYPO command)
  Zones and Equipment -

For anything that doesn't fall into one of the categories listed above (for
example, ships), please contact Vryce (
If you are unsure, just write to, which is monitored by
most of the high-level gods. In your email, remember to mention your
character name and when the problem occurred, and explain why you think
there is a bug.