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Please be sure to reference rule 7t in help RULES

A donation deal is a way for players with limited funds to use Medievia gold
instead of US dollars to obtain donation items. One player sends in a cash
donation to Medievia and receives donation tokens, which he or she can then
sell for Medievia gold (in an amount the two agree on) to another player.
The second player can then use the DONATION command to trade the tokens for
donation items.

Because this is handled by the game code, it does not need any god to
witness it. This stops all of the old donation deal scams that unsavory
players attempted.

GOLD ONLY. We no longer allow donation deals involving the exchange of
normal game equipment, eggs, or anything other than gold for donation
tokens. This simplifies the process and helps us prevent fraud. If you want
to trade other game property for donation items, you must first sell the
property for gold, then use the gold in a donation trade for donation tokens.

Syntax for the DONATION command:

donation        - shows syntax and tells you how many tokens you have
donation <item> - takes your tokens and gives you the specified item

donation <tokens> <playername> <gold> - takes the specified number of your
                                        tokens and gives them to Playername;
                                        takes the specified amount of gold
                                        from Playername and gives it to you.
                                        The other player will be prompted to
                                        agree, and gods will be notified.

Breakdown of a typical donation deal example:

Joe wants a HP talisman but does not have $50. He offers to pay 40 million
gold to Bob for a talisman. Bob sends a $50 donation to Medievia and receives
50 donation tokens in the mail. Bob types "donation 50 joe 40m" (50 tokens for
40m gold). Joe is prompted to agree to these terms. The game alerts the gods,
then takes 40 million coins from Joe and gives them to Bob while at the same
time taking 50 donation tokens from Bob and giving them to Joe. Joe types
"donation hp" and the game takes the 50 tokens and gives him the talisman.

NOTES The two players must be in the same room, and the player offering the
Medievia gold must have that gold on his or her person (not in the bank).

Remember that when you use the "donation <item>" syntax, the donation item
goes on to your character, and is for your own use only, permanently. Be
careful when doing a donation deal that you use the more complex syntax to
get the other person's gold, and THEY use "donation <item>" to create the item.

The amount of gold is TOTAL, *not* per token. To give someone a donation
item as a gift, specify a small amount of gold, as in "donation 50 joe 1".

If you wish to try a different way to obtain donation items, consider
writing for the MUDSlinger. The help file MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT will give you
information on this.