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*You may type "newbie" by itself in order to join or remove yourself from
 the New Adventurer's Guild (Newbie Clan). Type: Help NEWBIE CLAN

The LEARN lessons are a great way to beginning learning about Medievia.
Read HELP LEARN for more information or type LEARN NEXT

The following is a list of help topics that should be useful to new
players. To look at them, type HELP <topic name>:

  -=Informational=-   -=Combat=-   -=Communication=-   -=Miscellaneous=-

    PROMPT              COMBAT       OTHER PLAYERS       THIRST
    SCORE               FORMATIONS   PRAY                HUNGER
    WEATHER             SPELLS       CHANNELS            LEVELING
    HINTS               KILL         SETCOM              DONATION ROOM
    RULES               FLEE         SPAM                RECALL
    NEWBIE CLAN         SKILLS       SETCOMM             NEWBIE GIFTS
    ACRONYMS                         NEWBIE CLAN

For a quick overview of the most common commands and topics, read

Please read Help RULES Each player is responsible for knowing the information
in that help file. The ideal time to read all the rules very thoroughly
is while you are dead and waiting to pray. Please make sure you know
these rules. There are no exceptions because a player "did not know".

The following is a brief summary of some of the rules of Medievia. Be
forewarned that each player is responsible for knowing ALL the rules.

** There is NO mobstealing/kill stealing of any kind on Medievia. This
   means do NOT kill another player's mob if they are currently fighting.
   (See Help KILLSTEALING for more information)

** There is NO swearing on any channel. (See Help SWEARING for more info.)

** Do NOT harass/bash another player, god or clan.

** Do NOT loot another player's kill.

** Do NOT multiplay. (See Help MULTIPLAYING for more info.)

** Do NOT use any type of bot while playing Medievia.

** Transfer or sharing of any character who has reached level 26 is illegal.