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In a word, don't. Multiplay (having two or more characters controlled by the
same person on at the same time) is ILLEGAL in Medievia. This includes losing
link with one character and logging on another. Possible punishments include
freezing of all your characters or even site banning.

It is also of course illegal to log on another character because you have
died. Losing link with a dead character is exactly the same as losing link
with a living character. It is not legal to log on another character to
ask for a resurrection or for any other reason.

Adversary characters are included in this rule. It is especially illegal
to have an Adversary character online at the same time as a regular
Medievia character.

Frozen players do not count towards multiplaying as you cannot quit when

Level 35 (140, 142, 144, and 148) gods may have their god logged on at the
same time as one mortal (non-god) character. This is not considered