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If you have a home, you may use the GOHOME command to be teleported
instantly to your home. This works only from within the same city as your
home. Once you have a home, you do not have to rent anymore, and you can
QUIT at your home at no charge.

You may have your home in your own house, someone else's house, or your
clan's clanhall. Houses are in the City of Medievia and in Trellor, and
clanhalls are in clantowns.

Setting or changing a gohome costs 25 million gold. If you are buying a
house, a gohome for one of your characters (the owner) is included for
free. See HELP BUYHOUSE for details. Removing a gohome is also free.

  gohome                 - teleport to your home
  gohome list            - list players with gohomes set to the room you are in
  gohome add <player>    - give a player a gohome in your house
  gohome remove <player> - revoke a player's access to your house
  gohome clear           - remove your own gohome

The LIST ADD, and REMOVE commands can only be used by the owner of the
house. If your house has multiple rooms, each room will have a separate
list. Also, purged players will never be listed. Changes have immediate
effect, but the list may take up to 24 hours to update. If you add or
remove someone, they won't appear on the list right away. This is
normal. You, the owner, must have the 25 mil fee on your person when using
"gohome add". If you somehow manage to abuse this command to cause trouble,
your house may be deleted.

To have your gohome set to someone else's house, contact the owner. If you
already have a gohome elsewhere, you will need to abandon it by typing
GOHOME CLEAR before another player can invite you.

Bloodline kids inherit the gohome that the parent had when they were born.
Changing your gohome won't affect your existing children.

If you want your gohome set to a clanhall, or if you wish to sell a gohome
in another player's house and you are the owner's designee, you must ask
the real estate department to make the change. Transfer the 25 mil fee to
the player Realestate, then e-mail Always include
your character name! If it's easier, you may mudmail to 'Realestate', and
your character name will be included automatically. Use the EMAIL command
to make sure the e-mail address on your character is correct.

You should also contact the real estate department as described above if
you have any problems, such as the commands telling you that you don't own
your house. If this is the result of a mistake, it will be fixed for free.

Note: If your gohome was in a clanhall of a clan you are no longer in, it
      will be automatically removed. You will have to pay to have it placed
      somewhere else.