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If a clan needs to change its leader for any reason, please read the
following and write to If it's easier, you may
mudmail to the character 'Realestate'.

1.  Leader wishes to step down:
     a. The clan or new/old leader must come up with 150 million coins.
     b. The new leader must have been in the clan for at least 50 days.
     c. The new leader must not be leading any other clan with another
     d. The new leader of a clan must be a multi-class player. New
        clanleaders are subject to approval by the gods. Some candidates
        may be denied due to past discipline problems.

If the clan is less than 30 days old, the leader cannot be changed. The
clan must disband instead, or wait until it is 30 days old before changing

If the clan is 31-49 days old, such that it is impossible for any members
to have been enrolled for 50 days, a member who has been enrolled since
the clan was created can become the new leader. This is the ONLY exception
to rule B above.

Note that paying a leader to step down is ILLEGAL.

2.  Leader is inactive:
     a. Coleader, on his/her own behalf or on behalf of the member who
        wants to be leader, must post a CLANNEWS telling everyone a leader
        change is proposed.
     b. A majority of the clan's active members must write to (or mudmail Realestate) voting for a new
        leader. PLEASE write to us first to warn us this barrage of e-mails
        is coming! This isn't a formal election, just a vote by acclamation;
        if it seems like pretty much everyone active agrees, we will change
        the leader.
     c. The clan must come up with 150 million coins for the change.
     d. The new leader must fulfill the requirements in part 1 above.

To choose a new leader, including if you want to nominate yourself, please
contact or mudmail Realestate to request a leader