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A clan hall is a place where people from the same clan can gather and that
is "theirs." Every clan has a clanhall. Owning a clanhall also enables

All members of a clan are able to use the command GOHALL to take them to
the clanhall, provided they are in the same zone or clantown as their
hall. Members of a clan can also have their GOHOME set in their own hall.

Keys for the clanhall are loaded on each member of the clan every time
they log onto Medievia if the clanhall door loads locked. Clanhalls that
are in the City of Medievia or Trellor will not load locked, so the keys
will not load. These keys are NO_RENT If you die, you will not have your
key when you have been restored to your body. The key will be left at the
place of your death. Unless you plan on using the key, many choose to
SACRIFICE it to prevent other players from getting access to the clanhall
if they die.