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If you wish to delete your character, simply stop playing, stop logging
that character on. We do not delete characters on request, nor do we
freeze them. It never works out well. The player just begs to be unfrozen,
often saying things like I just need today as my clan needs me, or I did
not know I would be home sick all week, etc.

Very serious offenses, however, can and do lead to deletions. This is
called getting PURGED Your character can be purged for cheating,
gambling, hacking or playing someone else's character, and for other

It is your responsibility to read the RULES and abide by them. If you do
something that gets one of your characters purged, it is likely that ALL
your characters will be purged. You may or may not be allowed to start
over; in some cases a block ("siteban") will be placed that makes it
impossible for you to log in at all.

To repeat, we DO NOT delete characters on request. If you want to quit
playing, just quit playing. Do not cheat on purpose to try and get your
character deleted!