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If you wish to see the commands members of a clan may use, or commands
that any player may use regarding a clan, read the help file CLAN_INDEX
If you would like to know more about starting a clan, see the help file
CLANCREATION If you need to change the leader of an existing clan, see
help LEADERCHANGE If you would like to learn more about what clans are
and some pointers on how to find one right for you, please keep reading.

Clans play a big part in the land of Medievia. Most players choose to
become members of a clan for many reasons. Listed below are just a few of
the reasons why players join clans. All clans are different, not all clans
have all these aspects mentioned or may have different attributes to
offer. For instance, each clan has their own reputation. Some clans may be
known for how much they player-kill, while others may be known for the
amount of trading they do within the clan.

There is a sense of brotherhood or family within many clans. The players
in the clan grow together in the game, learning more about each aspect
along with many "clannies". As you play together with your clannies, you
may bond a friendship with certain people. This makes logging on into the
same clan even more exhilarating than being without an easy way to contact
your friends. You are able to use a specific clan channel to talk to all
of the members of your clan at one time. This makes it much easier to chat
or contact people for different things.

Clan members have a tendency to form together much more often that forming
with players outside the clan or outside the clantown. When you are in a
clan that enjoys forming together for particular things, you can learn
quite a bit about the game.

There are many clans that have most of their players on during a certain
time of the day instead of spread out around the clock. So if you are
looking to join a clan, look to see how many people are on when you
are. It will probably be much more interesting if there are many people on
during the times you are normally on.

Clans help out members with equipment, money, experiencing, forming, and
many other things. So if you are looking to get into a clan, do not go
looking to abuse their system of helping. Most clans give things as freely
as possible, and its members give as much to the clan as they can in

If you are looking for a clan, here are a few pointers to look into:

1. Find out what you enjoy doing. Would you like to be in a clan that
    trades more than it player-kills? Would you like to be in a clan that
    would rather player-kill than go into the catacombs for eggs? Once
    you know this, you can use the SHOWCLAN command to find out which
    clans do more in a particular area such as combing or trading. This
    will not give you all the information you will need, but it can give
    you a starting place.

2. Talk with different members of clans to find out what their clan does
    more of. Know that there are only 51 members, 50 clannies and 1
    leader, allowed in any one clan. Take this in consideration when you
    are looking for a clan.

3. Try to contact the leader or co-leader of the clan and ask if they are
    enrolling new members. If you can not reach the leader or co-leader,
    use the CLANWHO command to see which members are on in the clan and
    ask one of them. They may not know if their leader is enrolling more
    players or not, but there is a possibility that the player asked will
    know. If the clan is not enrolling, try asking them if they know of
    any other clan that is. Many times they will belong to a clantown that
    will have a clan enrolling new players that is similar to the clan you

4. Try forming with some members of the clan and see how they carry
    themselves. You can learn a lot about a clan if you form with a few of
    their players a few times.

5. Say that you are interested in learning a little about the clan. Ask
    the leader or person you are talking with questions like "when are
    the most players on?",-"are there players on all the time?"-or "does
    your clan experience more than trade or comb?".-Asking questions
    similar to these will give you an idea of what the clan is like.

These are just some key points to think of when you are going to join a
clan. You may have more questions, or may just wish to be in the
clan. Talk with different clans and find a clan that is most suited to
your personality. If a clan is mainly a player-killing clan and you do
not like to pk, then that clan is probably not the best for you. Some
people just like to jump in and join any clan they can at first. If you
aren't sure what you like to do the most in Medievia yet, you might want
to do the same.

SHOWCLAN A sorts clans by time spent active time spent online and is a
great way to see which are the most or least active clans. Some players
like large active busy clans with lots of support, others prefer smaller
less active clans.

Good luck!

If you are looking to create a clan, please read help CLAN CREATION