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The wilderness in Medievia encompasses over 4 million rooms. As you walk
around the wilderness you will see an overhead map. If you have ansi
COLOR on, you will see it in color. Color really helps put the map
into a more realistic feel. It will seem like you really are walking
down a road in between mountains, or hiking through a forest. If you do not
have a color telnet application, see
for a listing of applications and links to their websites.

Moving around the wilderness is easiest when done on horseback or by
MOUNTING any of a number of animals or objects that will take you from
place to place. To get from one area to another quickly, DRAGONS are
definitely the way to go. TRADING is the key to making money in the
wilderness and is also part of your MLR requirements.

When in the wilderness if you type LOOK you will see the room but if you
type "LOOK AROUND" without the quotation marks, you will get the map. As
you walk you get the map. The mage spell "WIZARD EYE" gives a huge map
allowing the mage to see very far.

Following is some help and breakdown of the map display in MAP FONT 1
format. The high ascii symbols and the symbols in the "MEDIEVIA FONT"
are different, more informative shapes. See HELP MAP for information on
using the MAP command.

Symbol  Color           Meaning
 #       white           you
 @       white           a link between the wilderness and a zone
 I       gray            a fence
 I       purple          a wall
 :       variable        this symbol indicates a road or trail, the
                         various colors indicate different types
 .       blue            ocean
 .       yellow          beach or desert
 .       cyan            shoreline
 .       white           arctic wasteland
 ^       gray            mountains
 n       dark green      forested hills
 n       green           grassy hills
 n       brown           barren hills
 +       green           forest
 "-------green           grasslands
 %       green           swamp
 x       green           jungle
 *       blue/cyan       lake/pond
 ~       blue/cyan       river/stream

There are many more symbols of various colors which aren't shown on this
list. This list provides you with the main symbols.

Note:  Most of the map should be intuitive. Green symbols indicate some
       type of vegetation; forests, swamps, jungles, grasslands. Blue
       symbols indicate some type of water, etc.