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Navigators are the retired adventurers of Medievia, who have spent their
entire lives traversing these lands. These wise persons can be found at many
crossroads one may encounter in their travels in the wilderness, and will
gladly help you find your way.

Simply say to the navigator, "Where is Medievia" for instance, if that is
where you wish to go, and the navigator will readily give you that
information. What he will say is simply which way to go from that exact
room, be it North, South, East or West.

The navigator will also give the approximate distance to the point asked. Then
you would simply follow that road until you reach another intersection and
ask another navigator.

EXAMPLE:  say where trellor

If you come to an intersection in the wilderness where a navigator would
help but there is none, please let a god know. Please note that there are
very few of these intersections left. Often it may look like there should
be a guide, but one of the roads is impassable or very short, so a guide
is not necessary. If you find a navigator that does not know how to get to
some place and you do know which way, please tell a god so we can pop in
and fix it.