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To gain levels in Medievia after your first class, you must meet multiple
requirements that depend on what level you currently are and how many
classes you have done. You do not have to complete all of the MLRs; you
may skip one. Double class players need two of XP leading points, and
AUTOQUESTS to level; triples need three of XP leading points, AQs, and
TRADING and quads on their way to HERO need five of XP leading points,
AQs, trading, EGGS and "DRAGON POINTS" You cannot skip the XP

Use the LEVELS command to see what you need to satisfy your MLR

Further explanation of each MLR

1. EXPERIENCE is acquired by both fighting mobs and killing them.
2. AUTOQUEST points are acquired by completing AutoQuests. When you
    level, if your autoquest points are below that of the minimum value
    for that level, your points will be reset to the minimum value.
3. LEADING is acquired the same way EXPERIENCE is but you must be
    leading the formation and a formed player must be in the same room.
    You will get 25% of your leading points for soloing and the full 100%
    if you are truly leading a form.
4. TRADING is pure profit you gain from trading. When you level, if your
    trading points are below the minimum value for that level, your points
    will be reset to the minimum value.
5. EGGS are picked up in the Catacombs. Only eggs untouched by another
    player count. These eggs HUM as opposed to eggs someone touched. You
    must either kill the mob yourself, or be in a form that has killed the
    mob. You will need egg points to level as a quad (fourth class) only,
    but you still need 1,000 eggs (which you can get yourself or buy or
    receive as gifts) to MULTICLASS
6. DRAGON you gain while fighting a "DRAGON LAIR" dragon. If you have
    over 23,000 dragon points, those points deteriorate by .25% per day.