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There is a Map Room in Medievia south of the Medievia Adventurer's
Guild. Once there type "look city" to see the city's layout.

A better place to obtain a map is from the SCRIBE Simply go 1 south from
RECALL and type "buy map". New players enter the game with a MAP in their
INVENTORY Once you have a map simply type "look map". It will prompt you
to do the following:

Type LOOK or READ MAIN to see a map of the Main Courtyard.
Type LOOK WARRIOR to see a map of the Quarter of Arms.
Type LOOK CLERIC to see a map of the Cleric Quarter.
Type LOOK MAGE to see a map of the Wizard/Mage Quarter.
Type LOOK THIEF to see a map of the Thief/Poor Quarter.
Type LOOK WHOLE to see a map of the entire City.


If you are seeking help on the ascii map you have seen, type Help WILDERNESS