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Syntax: look [object/direction]
        examine [object/direction]
        look in <container>
        examine <container>
        look around
        read <object>

LOOK with no arguments will redisplay the room description and list the
people and objects in the room.

Looking at or examining an object will give you a physical description.

Looking at or examining a container will list its contents.

Look around: This will show you a local map if you are in the wilderness
             and the room description without brief if you are in a zone.
             It also shows the name of the zone you are standing in, and
             whether you are inside or outside.

Read is used for looking at a note or piece of paper.

Note: A corpse is a container. Therefore, when you kill a mob, you must
      type 'look in corpse' or 'examine corpse' to see what it was