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For help on riding a dragon to get to a zone, read Help FLYING
For help on Dragons in Lairs, read Help DRAGON LAIRS

Dragons in Medievia are interesting creatures. They are either good or
bad. Both evil and good dragons love gold and will do some remarkable
things for gold.

Evil Dragons will fight you for gold and also are known to create Dragon Lairs.
Good Dragons will fly you around and defend you for gold.

As you walk around the wilderness you may notice an evil dragon start circling
above. When an evil dragon is circling, it is searching for prey. You have
about 60 seconds before the dragon lands, so you may want to run. Once it
lands, it starts searching and walking around in ever-increasing circular
patterns. It is searching for a scent. If it finds the scent of a player
level 13+ it will immediately start hunting that player.

A dragon can move very quickly, so if you're being hunted, your best bet
is to go as fast as you can. If you can find water, like a brook or
stream, you can walk down it a ways and he may lose the scent trail. Evil
dragons are always plaguing Medievia this way. If it finds you, it will
fight you until you are dead.

Good Dragons are also very interesting. You can use the CALL command to
call a good dragon. When you do so, be warned that it will require a lot
of gold for its services. Once called, you will notice the dragon appear
over the horizon and fly towards you if you have the dragon channel
turned on. You can use the SURVEY command to keep track of it. When it
lands you may MOUNT it and use it to FLY places. Once its MOVEMENTs are
gone, it will find a suitable place to land and it will fly off. There is
also a bit of a time limit, so if you dally around on the ground it will
get bored and fly off.

If you're being hunted by an evil dragon, a good dragon will not come to
you but it will assume you are paying it to defend you. Good dragons are
great fighters. You will see it appear and fly towards your hunter. It
will bolt out of the sky and pounce on it. The fight could go either way.

If you are flying to a particular zone during a reset, you will automatically
end up at your destination.

NOTICE: You must be at least level 7 to be able to call a dragon.

Calling a dragon will cost you a certain amount of money, no matter if you
are going to ride it or have it fight an evil dragon for you. That amount
will be the total of your current level times itself 2 times then that
times your total level. (level * level * total level) Type CALL ? to see
the amount that the dragon will charge you.