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Long ago, prior to the entry of disruptive and hostile forces into the
lands of Medievia, trade was a peaceful occupation that was conducted with
relative ease by merchants. But that was a long time ago and now the
presence of raiders and malicious creatures along the once peaceful trade
routes, make any trade hazardous. This sometimes lengthy journey demands
the presence of well-armed and crafty escorts to guard the caravan.

Trade functions in Medievia follow the same basic principles that have
always guided such ventures, supply and demand. The object is to take
items from one area that is plentiful to an area that is in demand. This
process involves gathering the current value of items and a journey to
bring those items to the areas in need.

Catastrophes cause certain areas to need things more than others. It may
be more profitable to check the current edition of the MUDSlinger to see
if any catastrophes have been reported across the land.

The most important factor concerning the profit of a trade run is how much
the local economy has in stock of those items. The more items brought of
a particular type, the less the shop will be willing to pay. The distance
from where the item was produced and where it is being sold is part of
what decides its market value. When a tradeshop keeper sets out to decide
on what to pay, he takes these things into consideration along with some
other minor things.

Note: You have 3 days to get goods to the market. When you sell goods that
      took longer than 3 days, the game will inform you that your goods
      are over the trade time limit and will extract them, giving no gold
      in return.

For information about how to trade in Medievia, see the associated files.