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This help file is about mounts, which are mobs you can ride.

As you wander the lands of Medievia, you will notice a couple of things.
First, Medievia is big, and second, you are not. In order to compensate for
this disparity, you may want to get yourself a mount. Mounts come in a
variety of forms, the most common being a horse. The most obvious
advantage to having a mount, is the ability to move farther in less amount
of time.

Mounts may be borrowed from a stable or found wandering in the wilderness.
In order to mount an animal you have deemed as suitable for this purpose
simply type MOUNT <animal>. For example, mount horse. To dismount type

If you use PHASE or cast "WORD OF RECALL" while mounted, and the place you are
phasing or recalling to would not ordinarily be accessible to your mount,
your mount will NOT go with you. This means if you are mounted on a
dolphin it will not come along when you recall to a place that's not
underwater. If your mount is restricted to its zone and you try to recall
or phase out of the zone, the mount will be left behind. This also applies
when someone summons you while you are mounted.

You may TETHER your mount...see help tether.

REMEMBER:  When camping...if you want your mount around when you camp
and quit you MUST be mounted when you quit.