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The DRAGONHIDE from DRAGON LAIRs can be used to armor ships.

To do this the hide must first be converted into bundles of dragon hide
ship armor scales. To do this use the DRAGONHIDE COMMAND


This will take one of your gold hides and convert it to a bunch of scales.
If you are HOLDing nothing this will create the bundle in your hands. If
you are already holding a bundle of these armor scales they will be added
to. The bundle can be any quantity of scales and the IDENTIFY spell and
AUCTION will show how many scales each bundle contains. These bundles can
be given, sold on auction, etc, just like any other object.

At the time this feature was installed each dragonhide makes 33 scales.

The color of the hide has no affect at all on ship armor.

To install the armor the captain goes to each room and uses the SHIPADMIN
command, which costs gold.


This will take 30 of the scales in the bundle the captain is HOLDing and
magically implant them into the ships room structure. This costs 10,000
gold per scale. The total scales for the room must be 10 or greater when
you do this. The amount of scales implanted in the room is shown via LOOK
There is no overall command to see the whole ships armor at once. The
captain must walk around and know their ship. There is no limit to the
number of scales that can be implanted. How many are used does not affect
how well they work.

There is no way to remove the scales once they are installed.

When the ship room takes damage and armor is installed 75% of the time it
will have an affect. When it does you lose one scale. This means every
time you are rammed by a serpent your rooms may lose a scale as they
reduce the damage. When this happens there is a 1/2 chance that the damage
will be 1/2 what it was and a 1/2 chance it will be 1/3, so each scale for
each attack may reduce damage by 1/2 or 1/3.

This armor will work against serpents ramming, guns firing, and running
aground, but not for ship on fire, mobs attacking, or anything else.

For now when a ship sinks and the last captain is online all of the scales
will be magically returned to them and placed in their inventory as one
big bundle. Soon this stuff will sink to the bottom of the ocean along
with the ammo, guns, treasure chest, etc, and the player will have to go
down and recover them.