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    SHIPADMIN command [options]
    SHIPADMIN REGISTER <ship name> - Register a ship name into clan list
    SHIPADMIN UNREGISTER <ship name> - Unregister a name from clan list
    SHIPADMIN make <class> <ship name> - Make a new ship
    SHIPADMIN list <clan>|<all> [<unapproved>|<approved>|<denied>]- Names list
    SHIPADMIN repair - Repair ship damage (when docked)
    SHIPADMIN buy <gun|ammo> <type> - Buy guns and ammo (when docked)
    SHIPADMIN appoint [name] - Appoint a captain
    SHIPADMIN dismiss [name] - Dismiss a captain
    SHIPADMIN resign - Resign yourself as captain
    SHIPADMIN FAE - Transfer all Fae magic to clan(s)
    SHIPADMIN SCRAP - Scrap your current ship for gold
    SHIPADMIN SECURE - So no one else can become captain
    SHIPADMIN UNSECURE - So others can be captain again
    SHIPADMIN ADDARMOR - Implants dragonhide ship scale armor

The SHIPADMIN command is used by clan members with the 'ships' priviledge to
make and manipulate the clan's ships.

The REGISTER command is used to register a ship name for your clan.
See "SHIP NAMES" for naming guidelines. Once registered, a name must be
approved by the gods before it can be used to make a ship. To view approval
status, use SHIPADMIN List. To REGISTER a ship name costs 20,000,000 gold.

UNREGISTER will remove a name from your clan's registered names list. Each
clan can have a maximum of 25 names.

"SHIPADMIN FAE" splits the given amount of Fae based on percent of people
onboard that each clan represents. The clans fae is shown in the clans
massive fae storage orb located in the clan's hall.