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Dragon lairs are created throughout the wilderness. If you're walking
around and see obvious dragon signs like smells, blood, or dragon
droppings, you will know you're close to a lair. Dragon lairs do not show
up on the map or the "WIZARD EYE" spell. There will just be an EXIT DOWN
which will show up in your AUTOEXIT display as you walk.

When TRADING and you run up to a MOBFACTION and kill it, the corpse may
contain a special MAP You will take this map and try and organize a
dragon-hunting FORMATION (usually two formations, or more for tougher
dragons). Once you're ready, you can fly back to that exact spot by calling
and mounting a dragon and then asking him to FLY MAP The dragon will turn
his head, look at the map, and take you there. The map shows a color map of
the area when you look at it.

Your form(s) will need to make their way through the tunnels of the lair
and past the creatures and dangers that lurk there. When you get to the
dragon's den, he or she will make a stand. Use the DRAGONHIDE command to
see the status of the dragon and the attacking form(s). The leader of one
form should use the DRAGONLAIR command to share the attack with the other.
If you hurt him or her enough, the dragon will speed out of the lair and
into the wilderness. If you follow him or her and continue attacking, the
dragon will fly off towards the closest CLANTOWN There you must kill him
or her. Everyone around that sees the dragon will want to help. Let them
help. Everyone wants "DRAGON POINTS"

If he or she gets away and a few hours pass, the dragon will find a new lair
and grow stronger. Each dragon has a unique name. The code tracks stats on
all dragons, like how many players they killed, their ages, etc. Dragons
grow stronger as they age. Some dragons may become legends and remain
unkillable. The stronger and older the dragon, the more dragonhide he or she
will have if killed.

If the game resets or crashes during a dragonlair, the game will come back
up with the dragon very close to where it was and at the same health levels
as it was prior to the crash/reset.

Upon his or her death, the dragon's corpse will be filled with special
"DRAGON HIDE" The corpse will last a full 30 minutes before it disappears.
Only members of the attacking formation(s), way back in the lair, will be
able to loot the corpse, and then only taking their share.

Dragonhide comes in 11 colors, same as the lair dragons. You can save and
collect hide. Check your hide amounts via the DRAGONHIDE command. When
you have the proper quantities you can have a special armorer make items
for you. Dragonhide items are among the very best items in the game--some
as good as or better than donation items. They will only last 30 days,
though, as magical items like dragonhide do not last long, and you will not
be able to extend the lifespan.

The hide can be converted to SHIP ARMOR see HELP SHIP ARMOR