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This command allows you to put items up for auction and interact with
items in the auction queue. An item is in the auction queue until it goes up
for auction. At this time, it's placed in the first open auction slot. Items
in the queue are referred to by their queue position with 1 being the item
which will be auctioned next. A player may only have one item up for auction
at a time.

Items won at auction are instantly transferred from the seller to the buyer
by friendly auction imps. The imps charge the seller a fee of 1% of the
selling price for this service. The money is taken from the buyer's bank
account (and from the buyer's pocket if the account doesn't cover it) and
transferred to the seller as described in HELP SETAUCTION

The following AUCTION commands are available:

    AUCTION item minbid - puts the specified item up for auction with the
                          specified minimum bid. Minimum bid must be between
                          100 coins and 5 billion coins.

                          EXAMPLE:  auction bloodstone 12000000
                                    (OR auction bloodstone 1.2m)

    AUCTION Stop        - cancels the auction for your item. If your item
                          has been bid upon, this will cost you gold as
                          follows. For a normal bid, 10% of the bid price.
                          For an item which is going once, 25% of the bid
                          price. For an item which is going twice, 50% of the
                          bid price. The cancel fee is capped at 10 million
                          gold. If you do not have enough gold either on your
                          person or in the bank to cover cancelling the
                          auction, you cannot cancel it. Note: You cannot
                          quit while you have an auction pending, either as
                          the seller or the bidder.

    AUCTION Queue       - shows the length of the queue and your position
                          in it.

    AUCTION Show or
    AUCTION ?           - lists all items in the auction queue along with who
                          is selling each item and their minimum bid. If
                          you have marked an item as being of interest
                          (see AUCTION Flag, below), it will be marked with
                          a red F next to its entry.

    AUCTION ? #         - shows information for the object in the specified
                          queue position.

                          EXAMPLE:  auction ? 3

    AUCTION Flag #      - Toggles whether the specified item is of interest
                          to you. If an item is marked as being of interest
                          to you, you will see all auction messages pertaining
                          to that item, even if you have auction turned off.
                          This allows you to look ahead in the queue and mark
                          items that you want to be sure not to miss. An item
                          is automatically marked as being of interest to the