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Usage       : cast identify [victim|object]
Accumulative: -
Duration    : Instantaneous
Level       : Level 10 mage, level 10 cleric
Mana Usage  : 12

Will list player's or object's attributes and stats. This spell cannot
be used on mobs. Non-casters, and players level 1-9, may use SCROLLS of
identify or  the id-a-tron machine in the "DONATION ROOM" as well as other
magical objects, to identify things for them. Even casters over level 10
sometimes use these things when MANA is low or there is a FIRESTORM so it
can be convenient to keep a few scrolls around.

For most items, IDENTIFY shows the levels that can use it, the stats
that it affects (anything from HITROLL to MANA to INFLUENCE the classes
that cannot use it (restrictions), and how much it weighs and costs. For
magical items such as wands, potions, and scrolls, the spell the item
casts is shown. For containers, IDENTIFY shows how much they hold.

Items you have identified can be re-identified with the APPRAISE command
for as long as you hold onto them. Handing the item to another player,
mailing it, or dropping it will clear the appraise, and the item will have
to be identified again. Appraise works whether you have cast the spell,
used a scroll of identify, or used one of the donation room id-a-tron machines
or another magical object to identify the object.

For objects which have had their life extended through the use of catacombs
eggs, an aura will appear around the object. You can tell approximately how
many times the object has been preserved by the color of the aura:

    no aura:               never preserved
    strong green aura:     1-5 times
    faint green aura:      6-10 times
    flickering green aura: 11 times
    black aura:            12 times, and can't be preserved again