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This help file ranks and defines Medievia job titles. Level 148 gods are
listed individually and are the highest ranking positions. Other job titles
are listed as general below. If you would like to see a list of all gods
and their titles, type WIZLIST

*Vryce: Owner, CEO, Head Programmer, Father of Medievia
 - In essence, Medievia is Vryce. He oversees all work that is done here
   and has final say on all issues relating to the game. His titles
   reflect that he is in charge of the game and all his staff. Medievia
   is his creation and he concocted many of the innovative ideas the staff
   implements here.

*Ozymandias: Senior Management, Director of Programming
 - Ozymandias' main task is overseeing all aspects of coding on
   Medievia. He is in charge of all the programmers and all that gets
   coded. His Senior Management title reflects that Vryce trusts him to
   run the game as he sees fit. He also performs smaller positions which
   are listed under "wizlist Ozymandias".

*Soleil: Director of Media and Marketing, Web Site Manager,
 Head MUDSlinger Editor
 - Soleil is the webmistress for and also the main editor
   for the Medievia MUDSlinger newspaper which can be purchased from
   scribes in major cities. She also handles real life aspects of the game
   such as donation items, advertising, and media coverage.

General Medievia Job Title Definitions and Abbreviations:

Titles are grouped with like jobs. The highest ranking position listed at
the top and the remaining ranks in descending order. Groups are listed
randomly and do not affect rank. In the case of groups that have a highest
ranking position held by a 148 level god, the position is listed simply with
the god's name next to it. To apply for any position you need to follow the
directions in help APPLICATION Many departments have applications
specific to those jobs. Most departments only accept applications during
announced periods.

*Head Programmer (Vryce)
*Director of Programming (Ozymandias)
*Programmer (also called a coder)
 - Coders can have a variety of job specialties, but all of them involve
   code that improves Medievia. Most programmers do miscellaneous fixes or
   additions, and a few specialize in areas such as special procedures for
   zones. Coders are hired by the Senior Management, and must be approved
   by Ozymandias. Most coders start in other positions in order to become
   well-known to the staff due to the high security and performance
   requirements of this job.

*Owner/CEO (Vryce)
*Manager of God Information
 - Keeps track of the information for all gods and avatars in the game.
   Updates the main wizlist and the personal wizlist for gods. Updates god
   tracking information. Alerts the necessary managers of new and promoted
   gods for training purposes, web page updates and e-mail updates.
*God Trainer Manager
 - Oversees god training for specified departments and follows the
   progress of gods in the training program. Updates training procedures
   when needed. Currently there is a manager for Builder training, and a
   manager for NGT (new god) and NPH training.
*God Trainer
 - God Trainers do what their name suggests, they train gods. They are
   first trained by managers to understand a specific aspect of the game,
   and then are sent new recruits in order to hone their skills in their
   new position. These gods will have the specialty of the job they
   train for next to their title.
*Department Mentor
 - Some departments have mentors to guide and manage the members of that
   department. Currently there are Building Mentors, NPH Mentors, and
   AQ Mentors. Building mentors have completed at least 1 zone and assist
   other builders with building related questions. They are especially
   responsible for guiding new builders. NPH Mentors are longstanding,
   excellent NPH gods who have the time available and people skills to
   assist other NPH AQ Mentors are accomplished AQ Writers who are
   active and personable in assisting other AQW
*Mailing List Administrator
 - Creates and updates mailing lists, including lists used for gods,
   politics, and mednews.

*Director of Rules Enforcement
 - The Director of Rules Enforcement is in charge of investigating and
   acting on incidents of cheating, character sharing, and other serious
   rules transgressions. This manager oversees the work of the Customer
   Service Representatives and performs sensitive functions like resetting
   player passwords, granting exceptions to communications bans, answering
   e-mails sent to, and dealing with purged
*Customer Service Representative (CSR)
 - CSRs are experienced gods who are trained to answer almost any player
   question. They are able to help players with most issues themselves,
   and are able to direct players to the correct gods to get other
   answers. As opposed to other gods level 33 and above, who are expected
   to answer prayers and questions in addition to their main duties, CSRs
   are here first and foremost to help players.

*World/Object/Mobile Managers (WOMs)
 - Work on analyzing, balancing, implementing and managing the various
   elements of gameplay. Primary focus is on testing zones and overseeing
   new and existing mobs and objects as well as opening finished zones.
*Managing Editor
 - One of the main responsibilities of the Managing Editor is the function
   of Head Zone Editor (HZE). This manager is in charge of all Zone
   Editors. This involves making sure there are enough Zone Editors hired
   to handle the amount of editing work needed, and ensuring the existing
   Zone Editors remain productive, accurate, and efficient. The HZE also
   edits zones and other files as well as performing general proofreading
   and editing projects.
*World/Object/Mobile Manager Assistant WOM Assistant)
 - WOM Assistants do the final preparations for a zone to be able to
   open. Their primary focus is managing zonetests for individual builders
   and making the appropriate suggestions to improve finished zones. Once
   the zone is found to be balanced and ready they work with the WOM to
   open the zone.
*Assistant Managing Editor - Clantowns
 - The Assistant Managing Editor is in charge of making sure Medievia's
   clantowns are of high quality and follow the rules. She is in charge of
   training players to be clantown builders and oversees the other Zone
   Editors who train and mentor clantown builders. She works with
   clanleaders and coleaders on planning and troubleshooting clantowns.
   She assists the Clan and Real Estate Managers in creating and editing
   clanhalls and assists the Managing Editor in managing the ZEs.
*Senior Zone Editor (SZE)
 - A SZE is someone who has been a Zone Editor long enough and well enough
   to earn additional responsibility. SZEs assist the HZE in training
   and mentoring new Zone Editors and in performing final spotchecks on
   new zones.
*Grand Master World Builder (GMWB)
 - This title is awarded for exemplary zone building. A GMWB must have
   already achieved the MWB title and shown extreme innovation, creativity,
   and quality in their zone work. This is an extremely difficult title to
*Master World Builder (MWB)
 - MWB is a difficult title to get because it requires having completed 3
   or more zones from the ground up. These are our celebrated builders who
   repeatedly release excellent zones.
*Zone Editor - Mobs and Objects
 - These gods edit files on the machine for grammatical or building rule
   errors in mobiles and objects.
*Zone Editor - Rooms ZE
 - Zone Editors edit rooms for grammatical and building rule errors. This
   position requires an encylopedic knowledge of building techniques
   (gained through on-the-job training) and experience as an editor or
*World Builder (WB)
 - WBs create the zones that players use, and are literally the building
   blocks of Medievia. Some World Builders also create HOLOSECTION
   zones and revamp older zones.

*Autoquest Manager (AM)
 - The AM hires AQW with the approval of the DAP and manages their
   progress. AMs are charged with making sure high productivity levels are
   maintained and entering new Autoquests into the game.
*Grand Master Autoquest Writer (GMAQW)
 - GMAQW have written at least 100 Autoquests and are thus honored with
   this title.
*Master Autoquest Writer (MAQW)
 - MAQW have written at least 50 Autoquests and are thus honored with
   this title.
*Autoquest Mentor
   AQ Mentors are accomplished AQ Writers who are active and have good
   people skills in order to assist other AQW They are especially
   responsible for guiding and managing the progress of AQ Writers.
*Autoquest Writer AQW
 - AQW write Autoquests and pass them along to the AM to be entered into
   the game.
*Autoquest Contributor (AQC)
 - AQCs write and submit Autoquests at a less frequent pace than AWAs

*Quest Manager (QM)
 - The QM manages the MQA (Medievia Quest Archive). He or she hires,
   trains, and oversees Quest Development Assistants, Quest Designers,
   and Quest Assistants. The QM oversees the development of miscellaneous
   quest-related areas of the game such as quest zones. The QM also
   schedules and runs quest auctions.
*Assistant Quest Manager (assistant QM)
 - Assists the QM with various quest department tasks and the
   management of the MQA.
*Quest Development Assistant (QDA)
 - QDAs assist the QM and assistant QM.
*Master Quest Designer (MQD)
 - MQDs are Quest Designers who have made a significant contribution to
   the quest system and have consistently created outstanding quests and
   quest scripts.
*Quest Designer (QD)
 - QDs write new quest scripts using ideas approved by the QM. They run
   quests they have written and approved quests from the MQA. Quest
   Designers have excellent scripting ability and a proven knowledge
   of the quest system.
*Quest Assistant (QA)
 - QAs run herobattles and approved quest scripts from the MQA, in addition
   to other jobs they may have on Medievia.

*Web Site Manager (WSM) - Soleil
*Web Site Writing Assistant (WSWA)
 - WPWA write articles and features for the Medievia website.
*Web Site Proofreader (WSP)
 - WSPs proofread the website for grammatical and factual errors, and
   report them to the WSM for corrections.

*Head MUDSlinger Editor (HME) - Soleil
*Manager of Medievia's Publication Team (MMPT)
 - The MMPT is charged with accepting submissions to the MUDSlinger and
   determining if they are viable to print. MSEs are also responsible for
   editing necessary articles before they are released. The MMPT manages
   MUDSlinger reporters and other gods who work on Medievia publications.
*MUDSlinger Reporter (MR)
 - MRs are gods who regularly write articles for the MUDSlinger. Gods must
   write at least 3 articles with the intention of writing more before
   receiving this title.

*Manager of Avatars & New Players (MANP)
 - The MANP is in charge of avatars and newbies, and all of the projects,
   guidelines, and rules in relation to these two subjects.
*Newbie Clan Leader NCL
 - The NCL is the representative for the New Adventurer's Guild and guides
   newbies as they begin the game.
*Newbie Clan Co-Leader (NCCL)
 - The NCCL assists the NCL in guiding newbies that join the New
   Adventurer Guild.
*New Player Helper NPH
 - NPH are gods who have been trained to assist newbies, and are
   considered excellent representatives of Medievia.
*New Player Helper in training NPH in training)
 - These are gods who have been hired as NPH and are undergoing training.

*Help File Editor & Manager (HFEM)
 - The HFEM creates, edits, and maintains the Medievia help files and god
   wizhelp files.
*Documentation Writer
 - Creates help files for new game commands and features, and ensures
   existing help files are kept up to date and accurate.

*Hint Channel Manager (HCM)
 - The HCM makes additions to and upkeeps the Medievia hint channel.

*Holiday Quest Manager (HQM)
 - Creates and manages builders of the holiday quests, as well as running
   and awarding prizes for holiday quests.

*Reimbursement God (RG)
 - RGs are able to check equipment run logs and make reimbursements for
   items lost during crashes on major hero zones. See Help REIMBURSEMENT

*Socials Editor (SE)
 - The SE makes additions to and upkeeps the Medievia socials.