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Please read the following before applying for a god:

 *You must be 18 years old or older.
 *Use your best grammar and spelling for the entire application.
 *Read "help GOD_FAQ and "help APPLICATION_TIPS before applying.
 *Do not include attached files in your application.

The only job on Medievia that requires coding skills is the Programmer
position. Jobs like Building, AQW NPH etc. are easy for the average
person to learn and perform. The jobs that we have applications for
right now are as follows:

*World Builder - HELP BUILD_APP
*Autoquest Writer AQW - HELP AQ_APP
*New Player Helper NPH - HELP NPH_APP
*Zone Editor (copy editor, formerly WRE - HELP EDITOR_APP
*New Player Recruiter (NPR) - HELP NPR_APP
*Quest Designer - HELP QUEST_APP
*World Object Mobile Manager WOM - WOM_APP
*Programmer (coding) - CODER_APP