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We would like to be able to reimburse everyone when the game crashes or
other problems arise, but that isn't practical. Therefore, we ask players
to please bear with us and accept occasional crashes as a fact of life.
Our policy for reimbursements is as follows:

  - Mult-day zones: progress lost on day 2 or later of Bloodstone, Elysium,
    Tomb of Oblivion, or Demonforge
  - Zone bans: penalties for failing Mellorian Citadel or Magentia's Manor
    due to a network outage
  - Serious bugs: loss of stats or equipment due to serious bugs in the game,
    at the discretion of Vryce
  - Ships: ship-related losses due to bugs or network outages, at the
    discretion of Vryce
  - progress lost on zone runs, trade runs, or other activities, except
    as noted above
  - any kind of player mistake, including accidentally selling or dropping
  - runs lost due to the player(s) running all leaving the zone and the
    zone full resetting and removing their keys (e.g. during a Bloodstone run)

Please don't ask us to reimburse anything that goes against this policy.
It wouldn't be fair for us to make an exception just for you, and we don't
have the resources to reimburse everybody.

If you need help with a serious bug (for instance, all of your equipment
vanished), write to For ships, write to
For multi-day zone runs, write to The rest of this
help file explains how reimbursements for zones work.

If by chance the game crashes while players are on particular runs
(Day 2 or later of Bloodstone, Elysium, Tomb of Oblivion, or Demonforge),
the form MAY be able to have the keys for the run created or the doors
opened to be able to continue where they left off. Day one runs (including
Elysium day one) are NOT reimbursed. "Hero" zones that are not multi-day
(Kalata, Verigaard, etc.) are NOT reimbursed.

To get reimbursed for day 2 or later of a multi-day run, please e-mail Please do not pray or repeatedly ask other gods for
help. One of the best ways to help the reimbursement god know what to do is
to save the scrollback right after the game crashes. The more information
given to the god, the better they may be able to help.

If your reimbursement is approved, you will receive a new key if you just
started the run. If you were in the middle, you will need to arrange for a
reimbursement god to assist you in continuing where you left off. In this
case, you must finish the run within 30 days of the date of the original run.

For Bloodstone reimbursements, please read Help RULES and read rule 4c
for more information.

For Demonforge, the contents of Karakoram's crate will not be reimbursed.
This is not part of the designed zone and differs every time. It is
considered an optional addition to the run.

Note:  We do not reimburse Day 1 keys for any zone. Day 1 keys are treated
       like any other key, so please do not ask.

For Mellorian Citadel and Magentia's Manor, a reimbursement god or a god
level 144 or 148 can reset your timer for these zones to allow you to
retry. This will be done ONLY if you lost your run due to Medievia's
Internet connection going down or other scenarios completely outside your
control. Gold lost for dying in Mellorian Citadel will NOT be reimbursed.