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Read the following before filling out the below application:

 *You must be 18 years of age or older (see help BUILDER_FAQ
 *You must have at least one mortal character who has reached level 25
 *You must plan to apply on your own, we don't hire partnership builders
 *Use your best grammar and spelling for your entire application
 *Read "help BUILDING_TIPS" before you apply
 *Read "help BUILDER_FAQ before you apply
 *Do not send attached files with your application
 *Do not plan for your zone to be located on an island or have a trading
 *Do not use Vryce or any other god as a key character in your zone story.
  Do not write about the creation of Medievia or its characters unless it
  fits with the current story of Medievia (located on the website).
  Using Medievia features such as the oceans, the continent, elementals,
  mob factions, clan castles, and clantowns are also discouraged as first
  time zone proposals. (For example, it is okay to plan for your zone to
  be located next to the ocean, but don't create an elaborately coded
  design involving ships, storms, islands, etc. for that ocean, as it may
  clash with Vryce's plans for the game).

Please send zone applications to Do not send
attached files, make sure your application is included as text in the
e-mail body. Use "Application for Builder from <Playername> as your
subject, and replace <Playername> with your main character's name. You
will receive a simple form letter as a receipt to let you know your
application was received and that it will be reviewed with the next batch
of applicants. Once it has been reviewed you will receive a letter letting
you know whether or not it was accepted.

***Please note that building is a *writing* position. It is not a
"cool-eq-making" position (you do get to make your eq with WOM approval of
the stats, but it is not the main point of building a zone). If you don't
like coming up with creative, fun stories and writing them, you probably
won't like being a builder.***

Application (please include all components):

 1.) Are you at least 18 years of age or older?

 2.) List your mortal name and levels achieved in Medievia. If you have
     more than one include them all.

 3.) Have you ever had a Medievia character purged before? If so, what
     was the character's name and why was it purged?

 4.) How long have you played Medievia?

 5.) What is your native language and what country do you currently reside
     in? What other languages can you speak fluently? Note that having
     English as a second language in no way counts against you on the

 6.) Provide a 2+ paragraph story that gives a good idea of your zone's
     theme and plot. It is ideal for this to resemble an ANNOUNCEMENT zone
     story (type ANNINDEX and read back issues of zone openings for ideas).
     Please do not write a story that Vryce or any other god is a key figure
     in. Please do not write about other worlds, galaxies, aliens, Satan,
     Greek or Roman mythology, or anything else that does not fit in with
     the current theme of Medievia. If you wish to write about elves, dwarves,
     or other characters everyone is familiar with from Tolkien's stories,
     please come up with something original.

 7.) Provide a brief walkthrough for your zone. (Some possible questions
     to ask yourself and provide information for are: What happens once the
     player arrives there? Do they simply kill mobs to get xp? Do they do a
     complicated eq run? Do they solve puzzles or complete unusual quests?
     What mobs do they interract with?)

 8.) List 3-5 of the main "characters" of your zone. These should be
     mobs that the player will interact with. What are their names?
     What are they like? What have they done, and what do they plan
     to do? An example might be "Jiano, the Egunian lyre player." You
     could talk about how Jiano is in love with Siezonna, the daughter
     of the king, and how they plan to turn themselves into fish before
     jumping out of the tower window into the moat. Then describe how
     King Lergmoz issues a bounty on Jiano's head, and that the player
     can choose to assist either Jiano and Siezonna or King Lergmoz, and
     whichever they choose determines what equipment they get from the
     zone. Try to make mobs interesting so that the player will feel more
     immersed within your zone. Show how your mobs will seem real to
     the player, rather than just saying, "A-king asks you to find his
     daughter because she ran away".-The details are what make a zone

 9.) Create 5 sample room descriptions. These do not need to include
     exits, just the description. See the guidelines below for room
     descriptions. Anyone not following these guidelines will have their
     writing disqualified.

10.) A list of proc ideas (special procedures) if you have any. This is
     optional, and you are welcome to provide only one or two as a sample
     of your ideas.

11.) Level range (what level of player your zone is for). You can check
     past zone opening ANNOUNCEMENTs from the ANNOUNCEMENTINDEX for
     examples (the level is usually listed at the bottom of the zone
     announcement). *DO NOT plan for your first zone to be a zone for
     heroes please. High level equipment zones are best left to builders
     who have some experience, so if you want an equipment zone try and
     plan it for lower level players.

12.) Estimated number of rooms. We rarely allow zones above 300 rooms. A
     good range is somewhere between 150-250.

13.) Amount of time you plan to spend on your zone per week.

14.) List 5 or so (each) sample mob and object names. You don't have to
     write an entire mob or object's stats, just give examples of what
     they will be called. (Such as "Lord Agimon of House Shinasu" or
     "a decrepit old adventurer".)

15.) Any past experience in building. (Most builders are hired with no
     previous experience, so don't feel under-qualified if you have none).

16.) Describe your education to us. This may be high school, college,
     or your own personal studies. What subjects interest you the

17.) 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you wish to build a zone for

A sample building application exists under HELP APPLICATION_EXAMPLE It gives
a better idea of what kind of things we are looking for, although we do not
necessarily want applications exactly like the example.

Room description guidelines:

Each of the 5 room descriptions should be a minimum of 3 lines and/or 3
sentences. We recommend they be around 5 lines long. Descriptions should all
be different, and contain details of the surroundings in that room. We
strongly recommend that you omit the use of the words "you" and "your" for
the sample descriptions. However, if you wish to try using them, the criteria
is as follows:

Do not tell people how they think, how they feel (emotionally), how they
act, or what they say. This means you can say "The hot air from the
lava-drenched chasm stings your eyes."-but you cannot say "The bubbling lava
pits fill your heart with fear."-The reason for this is that the player
may not be scared. Try to show people what something is like rather than
tell them. Provide details about the room to get the reaction from a
player that you want. A room description that says "You stand here
wondering why these walls were built."-may be entirely untrue. The player
could be sitting in the room, not standing, and they may not be thinking
about the walls at all. Describing the area or landscape is usually a much
better approach than trying to narrate a player's adventures for them. Let
the player come to their own conclusions.

     *After 90 days of being an active builder and upon the completion
      of your zone's rooms, you are entitled to a full set of donation
      equipment on one of your mortal characters.

      For every completed and opened zone (it must pass our quality
      standards) you may distribute $100 of donation equipment items
      to your own characters.

Again, send applications to You will receive a
note letting you know your application has been received and stored, and
will be notified if a position opens for you. Be sure not to include
attached files, put all of your text in the e-mail body. Use the subject
"Application for Builder from <Playername> and replace <Playername> with
your main character's name. Thanks for your interest in contributing to

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.