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This application is for the New Player Helper NPH position. This job
involves intensively assisting new players as they begin their experience
of Medievia. This is not an "easy" job as many people mistakenly think,
and it requires great activity levels, knowledge of the game, excellent
attitude, a professional manner, and a sincere eagerness to help new

Please read the following before applying for an NPH god:

 *You must be 18 years old or older.
 *You must already have an avatar character on the game. If you do not,
  please apply to become an avatar before you request to be an NPH god.
 *Use your best grammar and spelling for the entire application.
 *Read "help GOD_FAQ and "help APPLICATION_TIPS before applying.
 *Do not include attached files in your application.

Applications should be sent to Please put
"Application for NPH <Playername>" in the subject of your e-mail.
<Playername> should be substituted with your main mortal character to help
us find your application easier later. Do not include attachments with
your application; write everything in a text e-mail. You will get a form
letter stating that we have received your application and that it will be
processed with the next batch of applicants. After it has been reviewed
you will receive another note letting you know the status of your
application (approved, denied, archived). Try to answer questions in a way
that will tell us something about yourself, and why you are the person for
the job.

 1.) Are you at least 18 years old or older?

 2.) What is/are your character(s)' name(s) on Medievia, and what level(s)
     are they?

 3.) Have any of your Medievia characters ever been purged? If so who, when, and
     for what?

 4.) Why do you want to be a New Player Helper?

 5.) Describe your experiences as a newbie on Medievia, and what might have
     made things easier for you.

 6.) What makes you feel that you have extensive knowledge of the game? How
     many newbie zones do you know well enough to know most of the mob and
     eq names? Please list these zones.

 7.) Describe your opinions of Lumond's Haven and the Learn Module.
     If you have not visited these zones, you should do so extensively
     before applying for this position.

 8.) Describe 3 ways that you have helped new players.

 9.) How long have you been an avatar? What are your favorite aspects of
     this position?

10.) Do you feel when helping players you can conduct yourself in a
     professional manner and ignore any personal grudges or biases you may
     have? Why?

11.) What languages do you know fluently, and which one is your native
     language (the one you speak and understand the best)? Note that
     having English as a second language in no way disqualifies you from
     being hired. What country do you live in?

12.) How many hours a week do you have available to work on your god
     should you be hired? What time of day (in game time) are you primarily

13.) Are you a clanleader? This may or may not affect your ability to
     become a god, depending on the time required of the job you apply
     for and the judgment of those hiring you.

14.) What other information can you tell us about yourself that you feel
     qualifies you for a god position?

15.) Describe your education to us. This may be high school, college,
     or your own personal studies. What subjects interest you the

16.) Write a brief (1-2 paragraph) letter explaining why you wish to
     become a god on Medievia.

*Active and productive gods of 90 days may choose one of their mortal
 characters to receive a full set of donation equipment.

Send all applications to
Do not include attached files. Applications should be in text in the e-mail
body and the subject should say "Application for NPH from <Playername>. Use
your main mortal character's name in place of <Playername>.

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.