Earning Gold

Everyone has their own favorite way of playing the game and everyone has their own goals they set. Some want to become a hero in the shortest amount of time, others like exploring the Catacombs to collect eggs, and others again can never get enough of hunting dragons. But there is one thing all players have in common.... They need gold, and lots of it.

Gold is used to buy equipment and potions, create and build clans, purchase homes, and contruct clantowns for your clan. So one of the first questions when joining Medievia will be: "How do I earn gold?"

Killing mobs

Killing mobs is the most simple way of earning yourself a bit of gold. It won't make you Medievia's richest player, but it adds up nicely over time and should not be underestimated. The amount of gold you will get depends on the mob you kill, but also on the zone; some zones are more profitable in gold than others. To get the gold from the corpses you will need to loot them, by typing GET COINS CORPSE.

But there is more than just getting the gold from the mobs. A lot of mobs also load equipment and potions, which can be sold in shops throughout Medievia. This can amount to a very nice pay, and if you have some space left in your bags anyway, why not take along some equipment you would have sacrificed otherwise anyway? To get an idea of the value of an item you will need to use a "scroll of identification" or the identification spell.


The second method of getting your hands on a nice amount of gold, and by some considered the best, is doing autoquests (AQs). To do an autoquest you need a torn and brittle scroll with your name on it, or you need to 'ask' a mob with the tag [aq] for it. The autoquest you will get to do varies, and depends on your level. Some autoquests are entirely Lawful Player Kill (LPK), while others also contain Neutral Player Kill (NPK) or even Chaotic Player Kill (CPK). And the pay? Fantastic! You can receive up to a million of those big, fat golden coins just waiting to be spent by you! The harder the AQ and the more AQ points you get for it, the bigger the reward in gold! But a warning, if you abandon your quest you will lose 10% of the reward you will receive for the next quest you do complete!


The third way of earning gold is trading goods. This means you travel from one trading post to the other with your cargo, and depending on your goods and destination, trading can be very profitable, even more so when a catastrophe has taken place. One downside is that trading can be very timeconsuming, depending on how far you need to travel and how many mob factions you run into. One quick half hour trip can turn into a four hour disaster as the lions pound you with a roar and the centaur bandits pierce you with arrows, catching you by surprise.

Mob Factions

Earning gold by killing mob factions is very much parallel to trading. When you trade you run into mob factions. When you kill the mob factions you will recieve a reward and, if you're Hero, also Hero Points. The earnings by killing Mob Factions, MFs for short, can mount up nicely and, in combination with trading, is considered to be the biggest money maker in the game.


Another fine way to earn gold is by auctioning items. A lot of players do equipment runs, which basically is running a zone that offers a good reward in equipment, and auction the equipment afterwards. Depending on the equipment and the demand for it, this can run into the millions. Of course, good equipment that is difficult to get at the same time will yield most. You can change your auction settings with the SETAUC command.

Selling Eggs

Medievia is well known for its variety of features, and this comes back in the large number of ways to earn gold. The fifth way of earning gold on Medievia is selling eggs obtained from the catacombs. The catacombs are the only place where these eggs can be obtained, and people need them to multiclass, but also to expand the lifetime of their equipment. As a result, collecting and selling the eggs can turn out to be very profitable.

Chaotic Player Killing

In Chaotic Player Killing(CPK) areas, you can kill other players and loot their corpses. This means you can steal their equipment. Needless to say, auctioning off stolen equipment is one of the highest-yielding activities in all of Medievia. Of course, you have to be equally careful not to get killed yourself.

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