Becoming a Hero

In Medievia the adventure does not end when you reach the highest level of 124! Players who have multiclassed with all four classes and reached level 124 become a HERO.

So what do heroes do in Medievia? They explore areas, trade, and play like everyone else but they can also...
  • Gain access to a private communication channel, known as the hero or immortal channel.
  • Participate in Hero Battles and compete to become a Champion Hero.
  • Create their very own Bloodline.
  • Gather Heropoints by engaging in heroic deeds and become a Master Hero.
  • Lead players into Dragon Lairs to defeat the beasts and possibly become a Dragon Hunter.
  • Apply to become an Avatar to assist new players in their Medievian adventures.
  • Not have to worry about eating and drinking!

Master Hero

The players online with the most Heropoints are known as MASTER HEROES. Master Heroes have a special [MH] tag in front of their name and enjoy special benefits. A MH has many large and small benefits. Only a Master Hero can do many things within Mobfaction happenings, such as taking control of a Giant Seaslug from afar.

There are many smaller benefits: They spin less in portals, fumble spells less often by around 6%, fail meditate around 6% less, get more good Mobfactions when the Dungeon Master decides to give them, get charged 1/3 less for Politics channel usage, sometimes dodge lightning strikes, don't topple over edges as often, stumble and fall less often as undead corpses, trips on stalagmites 1/2 less, and so on..

Champion Hero

The top 12 ranked heroes by Hero Battle Points are considered the CHAMPIONS of Medievia. The top ranked hero is the Grand Champion of Medievia. Champions have a [CHAMPION HERO] next to their name.

Champion Heros also receive Hero Mounts that can be used to fly around the realm of Medievia. Each class receives their own special mount: A Mage flies on a Coatyl, a Cleric rides a Pegasus, a Thief soars upon a Stone Falcon, and a Warrior travels upon a Roc. The heroes that control them 'call' just like they would a dragon. Hero Mounts quickly attend their masters for no charge and also are able to fight evil dragons for their master.

Dragon Hunter

A Dragon Hunter is a hero online that is ranked among the top 20% of online heroes by Dragon Points. As heroes and laymen gather to defeat the evil lair dragons, the gods reward them with precious dragon points. Dragon Hunters get a special [DH] tag in front of their name and also get to fly on Dragons twice as fast as other players.

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