Multi Classing

Once you have reached level 31 of your class, you cannot level any further in that class. You have two choices from there: you can stay at level 31 or you can multiclass. Once you multiclass, you are set back to level one of your new class and your total levels number increases.

When you have reached level 31, in order to multiclass, you have to go to the High Point of Medievia and push the button. Once you push the button, you will be prompted for your new class. You must also have 1000 eggs on deposit with the wizard Marious, which can be obtained from the Catacombs.

Once you multiclass, your Hit Points, Mana Points and your movement points are set back to level one but you keep all the abilities from your prior class. So if you were a warrior and you multiclassed into a mage, you would still have bash, kick, and all your other warrior skills. But if you are a mage or a cleric and you multiclass into something else, you can not use your spells from your previous class until you reach the level of the spell. An example of this would be if you were a mage and you multiclassed into a thief, you would not be able to use lightning bolt (level 9 spell) until you reached level 9 on your thief.

When you have finished all four classes, you can become a Hero or if you prefer, you can reclass into a previous class.

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