Areas in Medievia

Below is a list of Medievia's areas, listed by suggested level if you are looking to explore the zone and/or gain experience. The recommendations are all based on SOLO level.

Medievia's Clans have designed and constructed their own Clan Towns which are not on the list below. Medievia's land also consists of many areas that are used for quests and holiday activities. In addition, the Wilderness of Medievia is alive with many mysterious and surprising areas that only the adventurers themselves can discover.

Newbie Areas: Levels 1-10

Beginner Areas: Levels 11-20

Advanced Areas: Levels 21-27

Expert Areas: Levels 28+

Many of the zones below are not recommended to be explored alone or with a single-class character when playing Medievia for the first time.

Special Areas

Medievia's Clan Castles

The castles listed below were constructed for Medievia's Clan Wars.

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