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There are two type of freight that act like a WAGON TRAIN where you want
everyone lined up in adjacent road rooms and then the leader pulls the
whole train.
1) wagon train carrier LAND
2) snail drawn sealed underocean vessel LAND & UNDEROCEAN

Wagon trains are the fastest way to move freight in the wilderness,
assuming there are 6 or more players in the formation.

Wagon train carriers can hold 30% more goods size wise than a covered
wagon, and 33% more goods weight wise.

What happens is the leader moves and everyone else automatically follows,
just like normal, what is different is that every player is in their own
room, that stretches out behind the leader - like a train. If you're
moving and all in the same room you are not doing it correctly.

The longer the train the faster you can go but a train is slower at 4 or
less players, around the same as normal covered wagons at 5-6 players, and
faster at 7, even faster at 8, and insanely fast at 9 players.

The train is shown on the map as bright blue W's to everyone, not just the
people in the formation, even players flying will see the wagon train.

Note on future stuff:
- Worker gangs will always try to attack a wagon train.
- There will be situations, like infestations from afar and some other
  mobfactions, where only a wagon train can get through the road.