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Freight is what carries items between two tradeposts. These consist of
transports such as wagons, mules and horses. To do any type of trading, a
freight must be used to transport the goods. Be mindful, for different
freights are able to cross different terrains. Where some freight must
stick to roads or trails, others are able to cross through the deserts or
other areas of the wilderness, and some can go under the ocean.

If your freight is too scared to move someone must defeat the local
MOBFACTION critters it says it is afraid of. You may have to wait a minute
for the freight to calm down after the mobfaction is killed.

Along with being something that will carry items, it is also a command.
Unfortunately, due to many things such as death, running from evil dragons
and mob factions, the freight may become separated from the person
transporting it between posts. If this happens, freight, as a command, can
be used. It will show, approximately, where it is by using directions.

(input)   freight
(output)  Freight Location : Your freight (a large packhorse) is at 8
          o'Clock far off in the distance.

Hitching allows players to have 2 different freights at one time. What it
does is 'parks' the freight in a room, similar to tethering a mount.
Players will not be able to take freight that doesn't belong to them.

(input)   hitch
(output)  You tie your freight to something convenient.

If you are not in the room when you hitch the freight:
(input)   hitch
(output)  Ok, your freight has been tethered by a friendly imp.

This allows you to transport items between two freights. You are able to
hitch two of the same freights in one room, but only able to take control
of the first. Mainly, because many terrains do not allow certain freights
to move across it, two different types of freights will be used, such as a
wagon and a packhorse. Because of this, there is a way to transfer goods
from wagon to packhorse or from packhorse to wagon. To do this, you must
first hitch the freight that has items in it and take control of the one
that is empty. Then, transfer the goods from the full to the empty.

Example:           (a wagon is in control and full of dates with an empty
                     packhorse hitched in the room)
(input)   hitch    (hitches the wagon full of dates)
(output)  You tie your freight to something convenient.
(input)   take packhorse
(output)  You grab control of a large packhorse which has been abandoned.
(input)   take dates    (repeat this until your freight is full)
(output)  You take a basket of dates from a horse pulling an open wagon
          and pack it in your cargo.

In essense, you are 'taking' the hitched freight. This is the only way to
unhitch a freight.

If, for some reason, you want to get rid of your freight entirely, use the
ABANDON command. This will remove it from the game totally. To do this,
you must type the full word ABANDON with no abbreviation. This is to
prevent you from abandoning your freight without meaning to. 7 days after
you purchase freight, it will be automatically abandoned, removed from the
game, whether you sold its contents or not. This applies to full freight,
empty freight, hitched freight, and unhitched freight. This will also
happen if you die in CPK regardless of whether your freight is with you.

(input)   abandon
(output)  You must specify which freight to abandon: current, hitched1, or
          hitched2. You may specify hitched1 by 1 or hitched2 by 2.
          This command now REMOVES your freight from the game permanently.
          To temporarily leave your freight behind, use the HITCH command.

(input)   abandon current
(output)  You abandon your current freight.

To FLY directly to your freight, type one of the following:
     fly freight current  - flies to your current freight
     fly freight hitched1 - flies to your first hitched freight
     fly freight hitched2 - flies to your second hitched freight

These can be abbreviated to fly freight c, fly freight 1, and fly freight 2.

To look in/at a wagon, mule, or horse, which will show you who owns it and
what cargo (if any) it contains, type EXAMINE <freight>, like EXAMINE MULE

If your wagon, mule, or horse is in the room with you, check it out with