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The gameworld under the Medievia ocean is unique in many ways.

1) You face a direction. NORTH does not go north, it goes forward. EE
   turns right. WW turns left. SOUTH goes backwards but keeps you facing
   your current direction. UP and DOWN do just that.

2) The display is exotic. What you are shown is a display of the ocean
   water in front of you, 20 rooms forward, 21 high and 21 wide.
   21 X 21 X 20 = 8,820 rooms the game checks to create your display
   every time, amazing! Up to down is higher and deeper in the ocean. Left
   to right depends on what direction you are facing. The key here is that
   you are looking FORWARD and the distance of what is shown is done via
   colors, darker being further away and brighter closer.

       Red       = 14-20 rooms forward
       Magenta   = 9-13 rooms forward
       Yellow    = 5-8 rooms forward
       Green     = 2-3 rooms forward
       Cyan      = 1 room forward
       White     = 0 rooms forward

    1-9 = number of players, more than 9 players comes up as 9 for the

    a-Z = mob strength in the room where Scruff by himself is like a 'h'
    and Zeksagmak would still only rate around a 'y', not even to capital
    letters. A 'Z' would be at least 198 total mob levels in the room.
    This is needed as explained in #3.

3) The mobs to kill come in all kinds of normal sea life and monsters one
   would expect, except this, the DM starts sending some small fry, kill
   them and it sends more powerful things your way. You can keep killing
   stuff and see how far you can take it. There is NO LIMIT to this. We
   will track the records for each species and give medals when they are
   broken. The DM will send 1,000 level 99 monsters more powerful than
   Zeksagmak if players keep killing what it sends, again NO LIMIT. The
   higher the level the more likely some will be aggressive but most ocean
   life is amazingly peaceful unless you start pressing the DM's buttons.
   For people wondering what the DM is, It is the part of the game
   programmed to run your adventure and keep track of your fun. It is what
   makes mob factions, sometimes to help you, usually to try to kill you.
   HELP OCEANLIFE explains all of the critters in detail.


- You need 'Breathe Water' spell to live underwater and to cast this
  you need an AQUODERM's lung, see HELP AQUODERM
- You do not auto follow the formation leader under the ocean.
- There are seahorses to mount and the NN command instructs the seahorse
  to head towards the formation leader. They only appear at 20+ down.
- You can just walk into the ocean and walk out.
- You can have a dragon drop you into the ocean via FLY DROP
- You will need FAE magic to live underwater but you get some when you
  kill stuff so BRING A FAE ORB
- The deeper you go the less FAE is required to live.
- The bottom of most of the ocean is 252 rooms down.
- The deeper you go the more heal spells heal, to a great degree!
- In tame and untamed land at depths less than 100 just a few bottom
  feeders will be found that will slow down trading.
- In untamed land at depths greater than 243 bottom feeders are
  everywhere. They make trading along the bottom nearly impossible. The
  WWW site's map area has maps showing the underocean topography and also
  a colored underocean clantown vent map.
- There is a Kraken's swim bladder you can hold that can help you move
  very quickly UP and DOWN as well as 'stick' to the ocean floor.
  See HELP KRAKEN You use the UU and DD commands to move in this way.
- 'Wizard Eye' spell works underwater to show you the normal map.
- 'Sense Weather' shows you where about you are.
- You can dive under the ocean from a ships crow's nest via SHIP DIVE'.
- You can board a ship by swimming under it and going UP you need
- You go to Davy Jone's Locker when you die.
- GAMEINFO FAE shows fae breakdown including under ocean fae.
- GAMEINFO FAE UNDEROCEAN shows a chart for underocean fae last 60 days.
- GAMEINFO UNDEROCEAN keeps track and ranks all players for fae gained
  under the ocean in last 30 days. Note that this only records if you gain
  100,000+ fae before leaving the ocean, and then like most gameinfo stats
  it only shows up after one restart.

The spell SENSE UNDEROCEAN shows the map of the world along with each
sectors current underocean lifeform activity in max size shown in feet.

Some further notes on the display as some players will not be able to wrap
their mind around it:

Left to right its 2 per room so you can see both players and mob strength
in a room. If you see a green 3h above to your right in the display, that
means there are 2 players and some mobs of medium power in that room and
green means its just 2-4 rooms forward. It being above you means they are
higher so go up, and to the right, you can either EE to turn right then go
N-Forward, or go e and side step that way.

The topography of the bottom of the ocean can be seen at:

That image showns the map as depth data. Pure white is land, pure black is
252 down and the bottom. The equation that makes this will change over
time. To start most of the ocean bottom will be amazingly flat.

NOTE The grey is the underwater land sloping away as it gets deeper.

NOTE When you face this land underwater it is shown as colored dots, same
color scheme. If you have a whole screen filled with green dots then you
must be underwater facing a solid vertical wall 2-4 rooms ahead of you.
This will confuse the you know what out of some people until they wrap
their head around the concept of 'looking forward' in 3d space.

To wrap your mind around what is happening if you are confused turn a lot
via EE a few times or WW, spin around and face different directions, also
try backing up via a few south commands. Turning will help you see this
sloping underwater land for what it is and help you understand the

See HELP UNDEROCEAN TRADING to explain this aspect of the Underocean.